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“Amanbagh, ‘the garden of peace’, is located in the green Aravelli Hills in East Rajasthan and a place perfectly created for daydreaming.”

Freundin Donna, Germany
on Amanbagh, February 2012

"Amanbagh lies within a walled compound once used for royal hunts, and by night we were transported back to the heydays of royal India as we dined to the sounds of a Sitar", UK
on Amanbagh, January 2012

“Bump, bump, bump you go along the potholed roads to get here, past the man leaning on to his stick watching his goats. And then, amid the palms, eucalyptus and mango trees, some hundreds of years old, is this: a glow-worm of Mogul palace rustling in the Jungle Book wild. Here are some ladies, palms upturned, welcoming you and offering peace. And your heart, all urban-clustered and tight, immediately loosens in your chest. You just can’t get enough of the calm, the space, the atmosphere so quietly glamorous…..this is a secret garden of old India, away from it usual hustle.”

Tatler Travel Guide, UK
on Amanbagh, January 2012

“For sheer tranquility and pampering, there’s no better place than the Amanbagh………”

Vogue, India
on Amanbagh, December 2011

“Loved: All of it. Understated and elegant, it is one of the most peaceful places I have ever stayed in. Hated : Not being rich enough to book in for a week.”

The National Online, Abu Dhabi
on Amanbagh, December 2011

"Whether you decide to go cycling, trekking horseback or camelback riding, or even a sunset elephant ride, there is something for everyone here. Amanbagh derives its name from the words aman, meaning "peaceful" in Sanskirt and bagh, meaning "Garden" in hindi - this retreat is truly a sanctuary cradled in the bosom of Rajasthan."

"Amanresorts was founded by Adrian Zecha who dreamed up a variety of intimate retreats in stunning locales and infused in it a loving hospitality of a private residence. Hidden like jewels in rugged Rajasthan, Aman-i-Khás, Ranthambore and Amanbagh, encapsulate exactly that!"

Home Review, India
Amanbagh, Jul-Sep 2011
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