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“True luxury is an elusive thing, as hard to pin down as a cooling mist or light breeze. Sometimes it can be found in something as simple as an open window and a glass of water. I first learned this at one of the Amanresorts which is auspiciously if not magically situated on the grounds of the Summer Palace……If the Aman Resorts are world renowned for their exquisite attention to design detail and the highest level of service, the Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing, ups the ante.

“The walk to our rooms was a fragrant stroll through an unfolding series of classical Chinese pavilions framed by traditional gardens with koi-filled ponds and budding trees straight out of an ancient Chinese watercolour painting.”

“If you can have anything, its perhaps the Aman at Summer Palace’s restrained, time-travel version of luxury that is the most unique and compelling.”

S: Style & Fashion, Canada
on Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing, Fall 2012

“You will find Aman at Summer Palace, which is adjacent to the hustle and bustle of Summer Palace, is unimaginably peaceful.”

China National Travel, China
on Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing, May 2012

“When you are at the Aman at Summer Palace, you feel like you’re going into a royal garden rather than a hotel.”

The Discerning Lifestyle, China
on Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing, May 2012

"Service is of the highest standard, your needs are anticipated and met seamlessly."

Luxury Travel Magazine, Australia
on Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing, May 2012

“If you are in search of a palatial Asian estate to call your own, look no further than Aman’s Summer Palace in Beijing. It’s where the Emperor headed when he too headed to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. This picturesque property is perfectly positioned miles away from Beijing’s city center, adjacent to the 250-year-old World Heritage site, The Summer Palace. The stunning aesthetics and design are a mix of original dwellings used for guests of the Summer Palace at the turn of the 20th century together with Ming Dynasty inspired design, recreated to seamless perfection.”, USA, China
on Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing, April 2012
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