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“Six in the morning and there is steam rising from the inner courtyard flagstones of the Aman at Summer Palace…..This is a time when magic is in the air and every cobblestone seems like it might echo with the long lost footsteps of an errant emperor or a departing concubine.”

“By 9am it’s time to return to the resort, part of which consists of original palace buildings, to take breakfast in one’s suite, where the antiques and traditional arched ceiling create the feel of a time machine, falling back through all that mist to the days when the Empress Dowager Cixi, who adored this place, might stop in for tea. Trust me, you will not want to leave.”

Quintessentially Asia, Hong Kong
on Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing, December 2011

“If grand is what you want, grand is what you will get at this mansion of a resort, located in no less than mere steps from the East Gate of the very grounds of bona fide UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Summer Palace of the Empress Dowager Cixi.”

Home Concepts, Singapore
on Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing, December 2011

“Enter the Aman’s vast stone courtyard and you will instantly sense its past, as lakeside winds whistle beyond terracotta walls.”

AERIS Magazine, Hong Kong
on Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing, December 2011

"For those who wish to breathe in culture even when asleep, Aman at Summer Palace in Beijing is a retreat from the bustling city, steeped in history. Staying in century-old pavilions adjoining the summer hideaway for China’s last royal family, visitors can take calligraphy classes or listen to performances of traditional music in pagodas around the property. However, the real reason for staying here comes when the sun sets and you are granted exclusive, torch-lit access to the palace, usually teeming with people during the day."

The Wall Street Journal, UK
on Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing, November 2011

“To get to my room, I stroll past weeping willows and through arcades painted bright red, a color that represents happiness in Chinese culture.  Off a courtyard filled with ancient pines, I enter my suite. I walk across clay tiles, admiring the exposed beams spanning the high ceilings and the lattice screens that accent the walls.  Four posts draped with a silk canopy surround a bed that looks big enough for a family of seven.  Plush sofas and a mahogany writing desk welcome me to the sitting room, and the expansive bathroom features an oversize tub framed by still more latticework.”

on Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing, Jul-Sep 2011
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