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“Aman, a group who always chooses outstanding locations for their projects, this time has surpassed itself.”

Altitudes, Russia
on Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing, May 2011

“Aman Summer Palace, Beijing is not only an art of traditional gardening and architecture it is also a unique showing of Beijing’s local culture.”

Beijing Business Weekly, China
on Aman Summer Palace Beijing, May 2011

“Just for the private access gate to the garden of the Imperial Summer Palace, Aman at Summer Palace is a must. Critics say it is the best hotel in the world”

FT Sabato, Belgium
on Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing, May 2011

“The Aman at Summer Palace is an ultra-high-end respite—perhaps the quietest place in Beijing—with a private gate to the Summer Palace that allows guests to enter the grounds after hours.  The hotel has high wood-beam ceilings and Chinese geometric carpentry throughout.  And at twilight, a Chinese-flautist plays beside a koi pond that is as green and luminescent as jade—an experience best appreciated with the house cocktail in hand, a martini glass of fresh guava and chilled vodka.”

Conde Nast Traveler &, USA
on Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing, May 2011

“Aman has out Amaned itself with this incredible property because it has actually merged a luxurious resort experience with a historic cultural immersion.  Today, too often a traveler is forced to starkly divide their sightseeing experience from their hotel experience.  You leave a modern cocoon and dive into cultural exploration, then return to your hotel oasis to process.  Here, however, within the very walls of one of China’s greatest monuments, Aman has fashioned a supremely special home-away-from-home-Imperial Chinese-style hotel so you actually feel like you are checking into history.”, USA
on Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing, April 2011

“It is a kind of luxury that not everyone will understand, but that is in some ways so much more powerful and attractive to those with a bit of taste. It is a place made for those who don't need to show what they have, but want to come back to perfectly measured simplicity and balance. Sitting by the library, watching the calligrapher go about his craft somehow transports you back in time, to the places you see in Zhang Yimou's films, places that were pure, and of such inherent beauty that not much was needed for them to blossom. That is what this place is about: The most clever and sophisticated design and most incredible service imaginable.”

on Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing, April 2011
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