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“Visitors to Aman Summer Palace are struck by the magnificent, historic architecture and serene atmosphere.”

“The Restaurant at Aman Summer Palace offers Peking duck, classic imperial dishes and genuine cantonese cuisine.”

World Tourism China, China
on Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing, April 2012

“Aman Summer Palace interiors are traditional Chinese in design: modern comfort meet classical style.”

安缦酒店集团由Adrian Zecha先生创立,构想建立于环境完美融合,温馨、舒适的私人度假地点。
"Aman Resorts was established by Adrian Zecha, whose vision was to create a comfortable and private travel destination that respects the local environment."

"Amanjunkies" around the world pride themselves on the number of Amanresorts they have visited and aim to stay at all of them.”

L'Officiel, China
on Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing, April 2012

"The menu of treatments here is fit for an empress.”, USA
on Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing, April 2012

“Editors describe Aman Summer Palace as a "serenely romantic vision of a bygone China. ”

Target, China
on Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing, April 2012

“A sanctuary of peace, pervaded by a sense of balance and tranquility throughout, Aman at Summer Palace opens its doors to China’s regal past and captures the essence of the Ming Dynasty’s elegant aesthetic… Aman at Summer Palace is one of the ideal portals through which to experience this multifaceted city, and within the resort’s walls a mysterious sense of peeking through the veil of time into the romance of another era lingers on.”, USA
on Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing, March 2012
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