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"Now pause to lift your jaw off the marble floor. This is an Aman but not as we know it - the slick beachside brand has launched into the city market with a sensational palace property, more impeccably restored home than hotel. It's rococo on steroids - soaring ceilings smothered in original frescos, terrazzo floors, Rubelli-silk wall hangings, gilded mirrors and acres of ornate stucco - with bedrooms big enough to swing a gondola in."

Tatler Travel Guide, UK
on Aman Canal Grande Venice, January 2014

“Located in the central San Polo district and constructed during the second half of the 16th century, it is one of the most spectacular palazzi in Venice. But before the glamor of the occasion could fully sink in, two porters were helping us out of the boat, greeting us by name and escorting us through the formal entrance, the porta d’acqua.”

“Despite the awaiting glories of Venice, the Aman Canal Grande is a place in which you’re sorely tempted to linger, for, despite its aristocratic beauty, it is also profoundly tranquil and unexpectedly homey.”

Andrew Harper's Hideaway Report, USA
on Aman Canal Grande Venice, December 2013

“The twenty-four-room Aman Canal Grande is not just a hotel. It is a piece of art, a museum, a restored palazzo and—above all else—a home… A genuine hideaway compared with the city’s other five-stars, the Aman is an exclusive retreat where guests can enjoy the pleasures of Venice away from its touristy core.”

Indagare, USA
on Aman Canal Grande Venice, November - December 2013

"Guests arrive by stylish water taxi direct to the original porta d'aqua where you'll find no Aman signage (in fact there is no Aman branding anywhere in the hotel). It all combines to be the perfect contrast to the gilded cherubs, the ornate cornices and rich paintings and it also gives you the rather splendid feeling that instead of checking into a hotel, you are instead the guest of a (very) grand house owner."

"Another exceptional quality of the Aman is the fact that it boasts two gardens, so rare in this city. On the fifth floor, you'll also discover a traditional altana platform looking out over the rooftops and waterways. It's perfect for viewing a unique perspective of this fabulous city."

"The Alcova Tiepolo Suite: it has to be one of the most stunning hotel rooms in the world. From the charming sitting room with its restored Chinoiserie murals to the powder blue bedroom in which you lie under a Tiepolo fresco — this is a heavenly place to be."

"This hotel is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you have a special occasion coming up, then save your pennies — The Aman Canal Grande is worth it."

Highlife, UK
on Aman Canal Grande Venice, November 2013
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