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“The Aman in Venice is the first to be placed directly within the urban crosshairs of a metropolitan city, so it’s extraordinary that, amid the sonic and sensory overload that can be Venice mid-Biennale season, Aman has managed to deliver precisely what its iconic name suggests — the promise of ‘a place of peace’”

“Stepping into the Aman Canal Grande’s exquisite Piano Nobile Lounge and dining rooms is a bit like stepping into Titian’s masterpiece, the Assumption of the Virgin, which hangs, in situ, at Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari just a few hundred metres away.”

“You will be stunned by the incredible generosity of space. The ultimate example of this is the amazing garden area — the perfect place to indulge in an Aperol Spritz as smoke furls off the sunlight-enriched, Medio Tiempo leaves of your Cohiba Behike, and you are overwhelmed with the affirmation that all is well in the world.”

The Rake, Singapore
on Aman Canal Grande Venice, November 2013

"The Aman Canal Grande Venice has become the most opulent, exclusive hotel in a city legendary for its sublime palaces."

"The approach is spectacular. A journey within a journey."

"It is indeed a hotel, but above all it’s a residence with a history, a soul."

"Despite the splendor of their surroundings, guests are made to feel more like family friends than customers."

Air France Madame, France
on Aman Canal Grande Venice, October - November 2013

"After an impeccable restoration, the new Aman now features exquisite period interiors, original frescoes and private gardens- which evoke a genuine sense of old-school Venetian style."

The Business Times Weekend, Singapore
on Aman Canal Grande Venice, June 2013

“As you might expect from Aman, it’s breathtakingly stylish but unique in the way in which priceless artworks and artefacts have been incorporated into a modern hotel.”

The Sydney Morning Herald, Australia
on Aman Canal Grande Venice, June 2013
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