“We really enjoyed the wonderful blend of a classical and elegant resort with village life in Bali. It was amazing to see villagers move through the resort as they headed to the rice-fields next to the resort. I have never seen such a mix before.”

“Our holiday was a series of special moments with delicious food, a beautiful setting and outstanding service. You have terrific staff that are at the right professional level, who practise discrete service so that one feels comfortable and very well taken care of. The feeling of floating on a cloud! We have all enjoyed Amandari tremendously – what it offers is exactly what we enjoy.”

“We knew from the moment we arrived that we were going to have a special stay. We felt truly welcomed by the warm smiles of each and every person and were so impressed that the staff seemed omniscient: they anticipated our needs and activities and provided a genuinely caring style of service that we can't praise enough. To add to the fabulous service experience, the room was stunning and the honeymoon treats so touching… Those three days in Ubud are the most memorable honeymoon days of our trip… We have never had a tearful experience when leaving a hotel before – Amandari is a first…The cultural and hospitality experience is second to none and we would love to share it with others.”

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