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“Amandari appeared much like the images in its brochure — a place of quiet repose and understated elegance set in the small village of Kedawatan.”

“….you’ll sense an aura of peace and serenity enveloping the place.”, Philippines
on Amandari, August 2012

"It is an exquisite resort of quality, but for those who choose to follow the trail of the tiger, Amandari offers a taste of Balinese village life as rare as that endangered species."

The Jakarta Post, Indonesia
on Amandari, July 2012

"En tant qu'étrangers, la cérémonie de mariage locale la plus authentique que vous puissiez vivre cʼest celle proposée par lʼAmandari, un hôtel situé au coeur même des rizières balinaises, non loin dʼUbud."

"As foreigners, the the most authentic local wedding ceremony that you can live is the one proposed by the Amandari, a hotel located in the heart of Balinese rice fields, not far from Ubud.”

Voyages et Hôtels de Rêve, France
on Amandari, Summer 2012

“The creative amalgamation that increasingly defines Bali is also present in the hotel world, and the island has long been an incubator for hospitality trends, many of which have been exported globally. Amanresorts’ Amandari was one of the first hotels to popularize the “authentic” hotel experience when it built its collection of thatched-roof cottages—each with a Balinese-style gateway—in the middle of a village just outside Ubud. Today, villagers still stroll along Amandari’s stone walkways, in view of terraced rice paddies, to reach the temple on the property.”

Elle Décor, USA
on Amandari, April 2012

“If you wouldn't be surrounded by caring personnel constantly, you could think you’d be at a – indeed very luxurious – Balinese village. ... The sunsets at the pool which silhouette reflects the gentle descents of the rice terraces are just unforgettable. A few hours at the spa with its Balinese beauty rituals endow you with the feeling of being someone really special.”

Madame, Austria, Germany, Switzerland
on Amandari, April 2012

“Stay at the Amandari Villa, which boasts of a picturesque view of rice terraces around and overlooks the Ayung River Gorge.”

Inspire Travel, Singapore
on Amandari, March 2012
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