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fayun place

Located in the centre of the property is the most commanding of the original structures. Accessed from Fayun Pathway by a picturesque lane are two stately courtyard houses dating back to the 1800s, which have been carefully linked to become the main meeting place within the property today. This facility is only accessible to guests of Amanfayun. The lower level with its soaring ceilings and refined latticework houses the property’s guest assistants, adept at introducing Hangzhou’s many attractions. Also on the lower floor is a lounging area where light traditional snacks and tea may be taken. The upper level of Fayun Place contains a Cigar Room, informal sitting and reading rooms and The Library, which features an extensive array of books and documentary DVDs (both in Chinese and English) focusing on the history and culture of China. Amanfayun organises informative talks and presentations on topics ranging from Buddhism and Chinese art to regional cultural practices, tea rituals, Traditional Chinese Medicine and any number of diverse subjects. In addition there are occasions when the property hosts artists and musicians.

the restaurant

The Restaurant is tucked away behind a grove of evergreens and overlooks a terrace above Fayun Pathway. This is the only outlet which serves Western cuisine and the menu features a number of international dishes, in essence offering guests finely-crafted comfort food. Access is via a stone pathway that crosses a reflection pool to a mainly glass-walled pavilion. The Restaurant also houses The Bar which is suitable for informal dining throughout the day as well as pre- or post-dinner drinks.

private rooms

Located directly above the Restaurant are private rooms suitable for meetings and private dining. Access is via a vestibule that contains a reception area with seating and stairs that lead to the upper level. A striking feature of the facility is the sweeping view of the forest surrounding the village. Taking full advantage of the view are two external terraces.

Download the Amanfayun meeting room e-brochure here download

steam house

This casual, authentic eatery provides traditional fare in a simple, picturesque setting. Boasting terraces for al fresco dining and an open kitchen, the restaurant’s focus is on steamed dumplings and village-style dishes.

There are also three independently-operated village eateries available:
Hangzhou House: Hangzhou is renowned for its aromatic local cuisine. Well-known traditional dishes such as Beggar’s Chicken, Fried Shrimps with Longjing Tea Leaves, Hangzhou Special Braised Pork in Brown Sauce and Simmered Soup in Pottery Jar can be enjoyed in this eatery
Tea House: Further along Fayun Pathway lies a homely Tea House providing traditional tea service accompanied by a home-cooked meals which changes daily. A selection of the best teas from the region as well as from around China are available for purchase
Vegetarian House: Situated at the northernmost end of Fayun Pathway next to Lingyin Temple, the Vegetarian House offers a variety of innovative, zen-inspired dishes unique to this local eatery

the boutique

Positioned at the northern end of Fayun Pathway, The Boutique carries a handpicked selection of fine antiques, artefacts, jewellery and handiworks. Handmade silk and bamboo parasols for which Hangzhou is renowned, as well as traditional Chinese paintings, books, silks, brocades, textiles and a selection of clothing are also available for purchase.

aman spa

Aman Spa is a peaceful sanctuary consisting of five separate areas and a 20-metre heated pool. Surrounded by bamboo groves and magnolia trees with courtyards in between, the five structures include the Reception and Reflexology House; the Bath House; the Fitness Centre offering a fully-equipped gym, Pilates and yoga; the Finishing Salon; and the Treatment House.


Located within the grounds of the Aman Spa, the 20-metre heated outdoor pool provides the perfect place to relax and enjoy the surrounding nature. A healthy menu offers tempting snacks and drinks.


Amanfayun has broadband internet access throughout its facilities and accommodations.

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