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“All the furniture is made to fit the room and most are evocative of the Ming dynasty, simple but elegant.”

“Even on raining days, the scenery at Amanfayun is encapsulating.”

“ 从安缦法云的选址可以看出安缦的哲学。”
“Amanresorts philosophy is epitomized in Amanfayun’s location.”

GQ, China
on Amanfayun, January 2012

“Upon arrival, the concierge at the front desk will offer you handmade map drawn out in ink as well as a tour of the entire village. “

“Guests won’t want to watch TV at night; they’ll want to spend time listening to the rain and the sounds of nature.”

”The farmhouse, the pathway, the semi-open wooden door, and the greenery all create a sense of serene seclusion.”

Global Sources, China
on Amanfayun, January 2012


“Amanjunkies can travel to every corner of the globe and see the world following in the footsteps of Amanresorts.”

The Bund, China
on Amanfayun, December 2011

“In heaven there is paradise, on earth there’s Hangzhou’, goes an ancient Chinese saying. The city has long been one of China’s most popular resort towns, and the Amanfayun beautifully captures the area’s serene charm.”

Prive Pass, China
on Amanfayun, December 2011

“Escape to the sublime charms of Amanfayun, a village like retreat comprising of elegant courtyards, charming stone walkways and 47 chic dwellings situated just minutes from this sprawling metropolis. Enjoy a signature bamboo massage at the Aman Spa before exploring the ancient Buddhist temples nearby.”

Delta Sky, USA
on Amanfayun, December 2011
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