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"Amanfayun is one of these destinations that instantly throws its magic like a fine net over the visitor. Especially in the early morning, when you sit in the courtyard of your tea plantation house, hearing the monks greeting the day in the nearby temples on top of the hills. Their mantras cover the valley like a warming duvet. On such a morning one can hear the country breathe in and out – very gently, very calm. Within oneself one also hears something – something that one can not really specify. Perhaps just because there are no such words for it." 

Madame, Germany
Amanfayun, Jul-Sep 2011


“South of the Yangtze river there is a subtle luxury hotel which realizes modern society’s dream for total seclusion. It is Amanfayun. By taking time to taste tea, practice calligraphy, wander around the village, admire flowers and hear the song of the night insects, you can disconnect completely.”

Marie Claire, China
Amanfayun, Jul-Sep 2011

"But time seems more generous here - spending a couple of days at Amanfayun seems like a week's respite."

PrivateAir, UK
Amanfayun, Jul-Sep 2011

"Amanfayunで、周囲の茶畑で生産される高級茶ロンジンティーを、昔ながらの村の面影を眺めながら楽しめる、最高の ティータイムでした。"

"It was a fantastic tea time drinking high grade Longjing tea and looking over the old village that is Amanfayun."

Vogue, Japan
Amanfayun, Jul-Sep 2011

“Noble simplicity over wasted luxury is the essence of the concept.”

Swiss Universe, Switzerland
on Amanfayun, June 2011 (text translated)

“Amanfayun’s subdued lighting and isolated location make for an extremely relaxed setting (perhaps to a fault during the evenings).  Further tranquility can be found at the resort’s five-house spa, or at the nearby 1,600-year-old Lingyin Temple, where guests can attend Buddhist monks’ afternoon prayers.”

Robb Report, USA
on Amanfayun, May 2011
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