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“Here, in an undulating stretch of land, draped in bamboo and lined with tea trees, a spattering of rustic dwellings gathered along a cobbled street gives another flavor of the past.”        

“…transforming a farming village into a place of refined, low-key luxury is an impressive undertaking in itself.”

The Independent, UK
on Amanfayun, April 2011

“The Amanfayun resort has reinvented a former tea village near Lingyin Temple and turned it into a series of pared-down villas with a destination spa and dim sum restaurant.”

The New York Times, USA
on Amanfayun, April 2011

“The Inn Thing: Can a hotel be a destination by itself? Could it temp you to travel to remote locations. Vogue discovers 20 such amazing Hotels includes Amanfayun China- Nestled in a Valley near the West Lake is Amanfayun, a hotel that’s essentially a Chinese village from the 1800s.”

Vogue, India
on Amanfayun, April 2011

“Our suite at Amanfayun in Hangzhou was huge enough to stage a Chinese opera, with furniture tailor-made from elm wood and ceilings made of Chinese fir that gives the room an herbaceous aroma.  It all combined to make us feel that if we ever wanted to chuck our TV and spend the rest of our days meditating, we’d do it in a room just like this.  With heated stone floors.  And room service.”

enRoute (in-flight), Canada
on Amanfayun, March 2011

 “In this seclusion, on an idyllic tract of lakeside land, Aman (possibly the most well-connected hotel group in the world when it comes to snaffling beauty spots) has built its latest Chinese hotel Amanfayun, colonizing a bamboo-shrouded farming village.”

“Amanfayun's Spa is for forgetting the world in an intoxicating steam and bathing ritual.”

InStyle, UK
on Amanfayun, March 2011

“T’ai chi masters offer alfresco instruction in 100-year old courtyards, while the signature massage uses heated bamboo rollers filled with tiny pebbles for a soothing soundtrack to your pummeling.”

Sunday Times, UK
on Amanfayun, March 2011

“The astounding calm you find in China is like no other, to the point where you nearly look around to see if you’ve somehow gone through an invisible door, withdrawing from the world. The place resembles more a house than a hotel room. What makes the Amanfayun Hotel so miraculous is that it sits so discreetly among the old homes of villagers, surrounded by fields. A hotel that is a concept in and of itself: going into a traditional rural village and blending in with the landscape. (...) The Amanfayun guarantees visitors the ultimate in serenity. (...)
Spiritual pleasures are of the highest order here, and its main draw. ”

Air France Magazine, France
on Amanfayun, February 2011
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