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“If you have time, come take a well-earned break at Amanfayun. A pot of tea and a delicious snack at the Tea House is an unforgettable experience.”

Zest, China
on Amanfayun, April 2012

“Surrounded by tea plantations, temples and bamboo forests, Amanfayun is located in an ancient valley next to the temples of West Lake.”

“Natural materials have been used in the interiors of Amanfayun, respecting and preserving traditional styles.”

Rui Enjoy, China
on Amanfayun, April 2012

“Amanfayun welcomes in the new season with a fantastic Spring tea and bamboo experience.”

“If you visit Amanfayun in April, you can take part in the Aman Tea experience and pick your own tea in Meijiawu.”

Photographers' Companion, China
on Amanfayun, April 2012

“There are many famous temples near Amanfayun. Lingyin Temple is located right at the end of the village.”

“Hangzhou Amanfayun is also a typical representative of a village-style hotel.”

Eastern Channel, China
on Amanfayun, April 2012

“Amanfayun is a home away from home, a place to relax and let your worries drift away.”

Channel Young, China
on Amanfayun, April 2012


“Amanfayun is a unique space at where time moves at its own pace.”

Pin, China
on Amanfayun, March 2012

“Guests here are transported back in time by the simplicity of design and historic setting.”

“An escape from the stresses and worries of daily life, Aman at Summer Palace is a place to find yourself whilst being immersed in the evocative setting of China's imperial past.”

Elite, China
on Amanfayun, March 2012
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