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“Amanfayun is located in a serene valley, on the west side of West Lake.”

“As you would expect of an Amanresort, Amanfayun has superb spa facilities.”

“Amanfayun's design preserves the ancient Chinese village layout. The tea plantations around the hotel produce some of the best green tea in the whole of China.”

Mice, China
on Amanfayun, January-February 2012

“You acclaim this unique in village property for its warmth of spirit, exceptional authenticity and excellent cuisine.”

“Although we enjoyed some exceptional meals over the past 12 months, we did not expect to find world-class cuisine in the little Chinese village of Fayun, yet that is exactly what happened.”

“Aman has not lost its knack for hiring very special people, who not only perform their jobs with great professionalism, but are also genuinely hospitable and caring.”

The Gallivanter's Guide, UK
on Amanfayun, January 2012

“Amanresorts are special because of their emphasis is on a free lifestyle experience.”

“Amanresorts always leaves you pleasantly surprised, no matter how awesome the scenery, environment or the service, you will undoubtedly have a wonderful time at Aman.”

UCAN, China
on Amanfayun, January 2012

“In Amanfayun library you can relax with a book and cup of tea, a wonderful afternoon. “

“The second floor of Amanfayun library is a luxurious display of traditional Chinese culture.”

Voyage, China
on Amanfayun, January 2012
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