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“将酒店改建得浮华付钱、漆红墙上金龙飞舞,还是能够恰如其分地重现那年那境与当年地静谧气息, 往往是成败关键。”

“Often hotels, aiming for traditional sophistication, decorate with obvious motifs such as gold dragons and bright red walls. However, remembering the spirit, simplicity and atmosphere of days gone by, and incorporating these into modern times is what makes Amanfayun such a success.”

Ming Pao Weekly, Hong Kong
on Amanfayun, December 2011

“The layout of Amanfayun is remarkable. Comprising a small village, with many of the structures dating to the early 1800s, it is linked by the wide Fayun Pathway, which extends for a little over a third of a mile and leads to Lingyin Si, one of China’s most important Buddhist temples, founded in A.D. 326.  The path is still in daily use by the monks, as well as local people, so rather than being a hermetically sealed luxury resort, Amanfayun is organically connected to the life of a thriving religious community, as well as to the surrounding countryside... Amanfayun is an almost perfect hideaway.  It is entirely self-contained, and during our three-night stay, we felt absolutely no urge to leave. We ate well, read long books, went hiking and visited three nearby Buddhist temples. And the pleasure of our visit was greatly enhanced by the local staff, who, despite their lack of experience, we found to be uniformly charming and hospitable.” 

Andrew Harper's Hideaway Report, USA
Amanfayun, Jul-Sep 2011

"もし杭州を旅して伝 統的な村の昔ながらの生活を味わいたいなら、一番のお薦めは、隠れ家のようなアマンファユンでしょう。"

"Amanfayun is the best, most recommended hidden gem that immerses you in the traditional village life in Hangzhou!"

Elle Online, Japan
Amanfayun, Jul-Sep 2011

"As a European you do not spend a holiday or a long weekend at Amanfayun – no, you are making yourself the present of a new life experience. You should plan for plenty of time at Amanfayun – because as a guest there is nowhere else that you will feel more at home.

L'Officiel Homme, Germany
Amanfayun, Jul-Sep 2011

"As the morning mist lifts, I step out of my cosy, yet spacious room at the only village-concept Aman property in the world, the Amanfayun, to be greeted by a soft-focus landscape washed clean by rain the night."

"I discover a little stream running through the property, which was the heart of the village's life in the past, and is still throwing off its vaporous mantle in the rising humidity of the morning. Crossing it via a little stone bridge brings me to the stone-paved Fayun Pathway, which runs the length of the property and allows public access to the seven temples that surround Amanfayun."

"As I breathe in the moisturedrenched air: the trnquility is almost plapable. Walking along the pathway, the scene is made more surreal by the hideen sight of a flock of snow-white geese frolicking on the banks of a dreamy, almost teal-green mini lagoon."

JetStar Asia, Singapore
Amanfayun, Jul-Sep 2011
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