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“Situated in the solitude of a leafy hillside valley close to the lakeside city of Hangzhou, Amanfayun is blessed with an abundance of natural Zen.”

Prestige, Hong Kong
on Amanfayun, February 2011

“This is a very peaceful place with just birdsongs and odd temple bells permeating the silence.”

Harper’s Bazaar, UK
on Amanfayun, January 2011

“It beautifully blends the simplicity of Chinese rural tea culture with Aman’s definition of luxury; quality, respect of place and a vital cultural context.”, USA
on Amanfayun, January 2011

“The simple elm furniture and subdued lighting in each room seems a world away from the glitz of Shanghai, and climbing through the dawn mist to one of the temples for the monks’ morning chanting feels like a powerful link to ancient tradition.  (It also sets you up for the Aman’s excellent breakfast.)”

Sunday Telegraph, UK
on Amanfayun, January 2011

“The Garden of Eden in China.”

White Spose, Italy
on Amanfayun, January 2011 (text translated)
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