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In the spirit of a traditional Chinese village, Amanfayun is a place to explore – a place of stone pathways leading to shaded courtyards, quaint restaurants and peaceful abodes.

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Amanfayun lies hidden in a valley to the west of West Lake. The 20-minute drive from the centre of Hangzhou takes one along densely wooded bamboo and tree-lined avenues, past the botanical gardens and inner waterways of West Lake, to the temples and village of Tianzhu. The resort lies just beyond Tianzhu, below North Peak and adjacent to Lingyin and Yongfu Temples. This Hangzhou luxury boutique resort is comprised of 47 stone courtyard dwellings designed in the spirit of a traditional Chinese village, a few of which are more than 100 years old. In 2003 The Hangzhou Bureau of Landscape and Cultural Relics became involved in the restoration of the village, and in 2008 Amanresorts was approached to manage an area zoned for resort development. Amanfayun and its surrounding tea fields occupy an area of 14 hectares.

Access to Amanfayun’s Reception House is via a narrow roadway that is bordered by thick forest and groves of bamboo. From there a trail leads to Fayun Pathway, the main walkway running the full extent of the property and connecting guest accommodation (courtyard dwellings) to other facilities. The dwellings in some cases date back more than a century and have been reconstructed using traditional methods. Roofs are clay tile, whilst walls are constructed of brick and earth and lighter timber structures. Interior floors are stone tiles whilst stone pathways connect the lodgings.

Fayun Pathway extends 600 metres and also provides access to the Restaurant, the Steam House eatery, the Hangzhou House eatery, the Tea House, the Vegetarian House eatery, Aman Spa and a boutique. Bordering the property to the east is a small stream that runs from south to north. The stream was once the focal point of daily village life where the villagers would gather in the late afternoon to bathe and exchange gossip after a day spent working in the tea fields. Natural flora surrounding the resort is a combination of tea bushes, bamboo and indigenous trees including the fragrant Sweet Osmanthus, Magnolia, Camphor, Chinese Horse Chestnut, Common Fig, Chinese Ash and Waxberry.

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