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Only a 20 minute drive from the resort, Hangzhou is a shopper’s paradise and is renowned for its silk markets.

luxury boutiques at Hangzhou Towers, China

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Hangzhou today is a shopper’s paradise. Browse the international luxury brand stores in Hangzhou Towers at Wulin Square in the city centre. Alternatively scour the eclectic boutiques along Wulin Road or in Si Ji Qing Market for unique items and bargain buys.

qinghefang street

Also known as Hefang Street, this bustling, pedestrian-only causeway lies at the foot of Wushan Hill to the southeast of West Lake. A lively boulevard almost two kilometres in length, it typifies the hustle and bustle of an earlier era in Chinese history, and offers both modern and traditional wares such as fans, cosmetic powders, traditional Chinese medicine and hams – some sold from the same stores as they were a century ago. The street first appeared in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, got its name during the Southern Song Dynasty and became prosperous during the Qing Dynasty. Over 100 years later it is still delighting shoppers whether local or from further afield.

silk street

Hangzhou has been known for centuries as the “City of Silk” and is still considered today to be China’s Silk Capital. The silk streets of Xinhua and Jiankang have been newly renovated as pedestrian-only boulevards providing a bustling mix of old and new stores and boutiques selling all 14 categories of Chinese silk. These streets were the centre for silk production and trade during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and continue today to be the largest wholesale and retail silk market in China.

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