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"The charm of Amangalla lies in how its life as a hotel today fits so well with its heritage."

"Each morning, soft sunlight filtered through louvred shutters onto the rich polished timber floors of my bedroom...... Later in the morning, immaculately saronged staff laid tables with white cloths and blue glass, and silver cruet sets cast from an original saltcellar found during the renovation of the home."

"Manteesh, one of the staff, rushed up to give me a hug; he'd spotted my Italian name in the visitors' book and launched into a long description of his visit to Milan .... all in perfect Italian!",
on Amangalla, February 2013

“From the crisp white linen to the antique silverware, dining at Amangalla is about as posh as it gets in Galle Fort."
“Partaking in the daily afternoon tea while lounging on the verandah or enjoying pre-prandial cocktails up on the third story bar overlooking the fort and the ocean is enough to take you back to the colonial days.”
“The menu may not be huge but within the decent collection of local and international dishes are superb Sri Lankan curries and an amazing pumpkin ravioli dish.”

Food & Travel, Singapore
on Amangalla, December 2012

“Its period charms (of which there are many) echoed from every crevice.”

Kanoo World Traveller, Dubai
on Amangalla, December 2012

“As I sip my drink I slip into reverie, floating out across the red roofs of the fort; the Dutch commander surveying his territory as night falls like an English cannonball.”

“An unhurried dinner on the magnificent terrace of the hotel is a lesson in colonial excess. I’m brought a traditional 11-course Sri Lankan curry, served, I’m told, as Sri Lankan families would eat in their own homes. The meal is a riot of flavor – an endless experiment in different combinations of spices and textures.”

Destinations of the Word News, Europe
on Amangalla, October 2012

“Beautiful grounds, a sanctuary-like spa, and 28 well appointed guest rooms make this the Fort’s most luxurious property.”, USA
on Amangalla, May 2012

“Amangalla occupies a handsome three-story building that was originally constructed in 1684 to house the Dutch governor … I found Amangalla to be an ideal place to relax and would happily have stayed for a week.”

Andrew Harper's Hideaway Report, USA
on Amangalla, May 2012
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