Be pampered from head to toe with out tailor-made bath experiences. Refreshed and invigorated or soothed and softened, traditional treatments benefit mind and body. 

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the baths

the baths

The Baths (Amangalla's name for the Spa) recapture memories of a bygone era of 'taking the waters', restoring the body and soothing the mind. The five softly lit treatment chambers lead off a descending arched hallway. Gentlemen's and Ladies' dressing rooms lead to saunas, steam rooms and hydrotherapy pools whose specifically placed jet massage stimulate the entire body. With candlelit recesses, tall ceilings and traditional archways, the hydrotherapy area is an experience in ancient indulgences.


Ayurveda is a system which uses a natural approach to healing, which aims to cleanse and detoxify the body and balance the doshas. Each treatment bestows the honest gifts of caring therapists, whose unique nurturing and instinctive passion is at the heart of The Baths. The Shirodhara is a divinely tranquil experience in which a stream of warm herbal oil soothes the third eye chakra. Guests are treated to a gentle rhythmic massage of the body with the Anointment treatment. In this treatment, Amangalla’s specialists use lashings of warm herbal oil to encourage regeneration and relaxation. These treatments are combined in the Ayurvedic Ritual. In addition to the Shirodhara and Anointment treatments, this ritual features a steam and a warming cinnamon scrub to enhance the experiment. Our Ayurvedic doctor is available for private consultations.

body and beauty treatments

Guests are given the chance to experience a number of rituals in Amangalla’s treatment chambers. The massages offered are meant to heal and comfort the body. The Balinese massage utilizes long strokes and acupressure to create a blissful and beneficial experience. A traditional dry massage, the Thai massage blends assisted yoga style stretching, movement, and deep tissue pressure point massage. In addition to the manicures and pedicures offered by Amangalla, the baths also feature treatments like the Body Buff and the Polish & Swathe. These methods use special ingredients to brighten and renew the body.

yoga and meditation pavilion

Adjacent to the Baths in a quiet part of the hotel gardens is the Yoga and Meditation Pavilion. These also become a source for quiet contemplation and peace for those who wish to join daily Yoga/meditation sessions in the Garden Pavilion. Our yoga teacher guides students through a gentle class, of slow breathing techniques and physical postures. One hour complimentary classes are offered between December and April, but private classes may be arranged all year.

barber shop and salon

The traditions of the past continue in the Barber Shop and Salon providing gentlemen's shaving, manicures and pedicures sedately done from original planter chairs overlooking 200 year old gardens. A stylish old-fashioned elegance complements a simple yet thoughtful healing approach, focussing on individualised treatments that are relaxing, distinctively powerful and specifically designed.

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