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“My perfect winter escape would be Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I’d stay at the Amangani with my wife, ‘cause I really dig her. We are Aman junkies. Aman resorts are incredible small luxury hotels in unique locations all around the world. They have incredible architecture and design and fantastic service. While there, for sure we would ski, maybe do some snowshoeing. The hotel is on a butte and the views are spectacular.”

Kingwest, USA
on Amangani, Fall 2012

“This magic mountain team of managers, butlers, concierges, sommeliers, fire starters, soothing spa attendants, woodsmen, and guides, work seamlessly together to ensure that each guest feels they are a guest at their “HOME.””, USA
on Amangani, October 2012

“Having already experienced and been blown away with the beauty and remoteness of Amangiri in Utah, we were ready to be impressed again when we decided that a couple of days of winter and skiing were needed during a Los Angeles heat wave last January… Getting here is easy (so long as the weather is good) and on a clear day arrival is spectacular as you fly into the valley over the Tetons and land at Jackson Hole Airport which is just perfect in every way…Thirty minutes later we were at Amangani 7,000 feet above sea level on the crest of Gros Ventre Butte looking out over Snake River Valley and the Grand Tetons wondering why we didn’t live here, and that was even before we went inside.”, USA
on Amangani, September 2012

“Seeking to create unique havens of peace, the Aman group has created a hotel that appears to be in its own little world. Located in the magnificent valley, which seems untouched by human beings, it was one of the pioneers that made Jackson Hole what it is today. Whilst a number of luxurious hotels have opened up since the Aman came in 1996, none of them have managed to reach the level of perfection in the service, to surpass it in terms of design or concept.”, UK
on Amangani, May 2012

“Simply dining at the Amangani is one thing, but this hotel – one of America’s finest – is top dollar if you wish to stay: it enjoys splendid isolation in a pristine alpine valley, with uninterrupted views across the Tetons, some 10 minutes from the town of Jackson. Sophisticated interiors, discreet service, an impressive spa and breathtaking views from every window, pool and terrace.”

Sunday Telegraph, UK
on Amangani, May 2012

“Even the name of it’s location – Jackson Hole, Wyoming – screams Wild West, and this rustic resort stays true to it’s roots.”

AIR, Dubai
on Amangani, April 2012
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