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"Trust the Amanresorts to bring unobtrusive, six-star manners to the American Wild West."

Ultima, Hong Kong
Amangani, July 2011

“If there is a ledge where angels like to peek down on the earth from, then it's the perch from this resort."
"One aspect of resort management that Amans have made an art form is their service. It sometimes annoys me when a "luxury" property denies or reluctantly grants a mundane request. I don't request shipments of my favorite shampoo packaged in dry ice from helicopters, but if I'd like a latte in the lounge, an extra big robe to take outside to the pool, or perhaps a pick up from the airport and back, I'd expect to be accommodated. Every staff member of Amangani has mastered such a simple but sweet phrase: "of course." Better yet, they bring the latte with a biscotti and extra foamed milk, the robe with a pre-heated towel, and the airport ride with bottled water and cool, eucalyptus scented towels.”, USA
on Amangani, June 2011

“The time shared in the state of Wyoming will remain burned into our memories as one of the most perfect vacations of our lives”

Bamboo, Argentina
on Amangani, April 2011 (text translated)

“You stumble from bed in the morning, bleary eyed and head straight for the bathroom. As you fumble to find your toothbrush, your eyes focus on the jagged snow-covered peaks of the Teton Mountain Range. No—you're not still asleep and dreaming. You're in a bathroom in one of the 40 suites at the Amangani Resort located in Jackson, WY.”, USA
on Amangani, January/February 2011

“The hotel has sensational views of Jackson Hole’s high-mountain plateau and the Tetons, mountains which – lacking foothills – shoot up from the plateau floor.“

“Amangani is one of the finest places to stay in the USA.”

Conde Nast Traveler, UK
on Amangani, January 2011
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