Amangiri provides guests with unrivalled levels of comfort and exceptional access to the region’s geographic, historic and cultural marvels.

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Amangiri is located in the southwest region of the USA also known as the Four Corners, where the states of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona meet. Boasting one of the most dramatic landscapes in the USA with deep canyons and towering plateaus, the region has been home for centuries to the native Navajo and Hopi tribes yet is sparsely populated and presents the raw landscape for which the American Southwest has become famous.

The ecosystem surrounding Amangiri encompasses a remarkable diversity of plants and animal species with arid conditions supporting unique desert vegetation. Amangiri is in the centre of the Grand Circle, surrounded by such iconic attractions as the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Grand Staircase – Escalante and Bryce and Zion National Parks. It is also a safe haven for endangered species such as the regal California Condor, whose wingspan approaches three metres (ten feet). Historically, dinosaurs are known to have flourished in the region and footprints and fossils dating back 160 million years are common, with new species recently unearthed. Amidst these vast desert lands is Lake Powell, created in 1956 by the damming of the Colorado River at Glen Canyon. The lake sweeps through a seemingly endless stretch of canyons creating a shoreline longer than the Pacific Coast of the United States. To the south of the dam, the Colorado River runs through the Glen, Marble and Grand Canyons. The Four Corners region has a geographic diversity that is unrivalled, resulting in scenery as captivating as it is majestic.

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