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“Arriving at Amangiri feels like being put into the scenery of a James Bond movie: A gate in the middle of nowhere. No hotel anywhere. […] We drive around the crest and suddenly Amangiri appears, just like a Fata Morgana.”

“All the impressions make us dizzy. We don’t want to talk, but keep standing there, rubbing our eyes in disbelief. From every point of the resort you can watch red rocks, yellow sand and soft green. […] The 34 suites, pavilions, a restaurant with wine cellar and the Aman Spa have been arranged around the bizarre rock formations. […] The surface of the walls reflects the constantly changing light of the desert. […] The interior of the suites is made from materials the natives of the region still use: leather, skins, wool, wood, bast. An endless number of stars twinkles above us on the evening sky. We close the eyes, hear the crickets chirping, a coyote cries. James Bond would be overwhelmed, for sure.”

Elle Traveller, Germany
Amangiri, April 2014

“The rock feels chalky and slightly textured as I grasp the various handholds. Wind- and water-sculpted, striated in hues of red and beige, it’s nature’s art…I find a visceral satisfaction in placing one foot on a protruding bit of rock or perhaps a ledge, reaching up with a hand, and moving upward, like snapping together two pieces or fitting a key into a lock. As I breathe in the soothing sage scent of the desert, my whole being relaxes, despite the fact that I’m a couple hundred feet up a rock face. The very air seems quiet.”

“More so than any other hotel I’ve been to, the Amangiri seamlessly integrates with the environment, so that even in my room, with its floor-to-ceiling glass patio doors, sandstone floors, and even a sandstone bed and couch surround, I feel at one with the desert. Not energized, like on the via ferrata, but deeply, deeply at peace.”, USA
on Amangiri, March 2014

“Our first glimpse of the outwardly desert landscape that Amangiri is concealed within filled us with a mixture of wonder and excitement. “

“The arrival to the resort is as unforgettable a visual treat as the warm welcome we received from the Aman team.

“As the road snakes and descends into the majestic valley leading to the Central pavilion, we spot the half dozen waving hands. The manager flashes a bright smile and greets us with a “welcome home”. I recognize it straight away…that “Aman feeling”; the sense of belonging even in the most unfamiliar territory.”
“Amangiri is perfectly in touch with its surroundings.”

“As I starred at the star-filled night sky sitting in the open-air living room, the desert lounge, I was glad to have connected with my surroundings in the luxurious desert seclusion that is Amangiri.”

Tatler, Singapore
on Amangiri, January 2014

“The resort’s centerpiece is a stone-lined pool that sprawls through a sunken courtyard where outdoor fireplaces, a hot tub, and king-size daybeds hug stretches of rugged canyon rock; at night, it’s the perfect spot for swimming beneath a canopy of stars.”

Condé Nast Traveler, USA
Amangiri, January 2014
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