The Yoga Pavilion provides individual and group yoga sessions in a light-filled setting.

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yoga and pilates


Flooded with natural light, Amangiri’s yoga pavilion features elegant douglas fir floors and views of a mesa wall. Yoga programs include restorative yoga with an emphasis on relaxation, and full moon yoga under the stars, as well as private sessions that may be tailored to guests preferences. These may include prenatal yoga, yoga with a fit ball, heart chakra yoga incorporating pranayama breathing and affirmations, outdoor yoga which involves Native American beauty blessings interwoven with Chi Gong and Sun Salutations, and other personalized options. There are also complimentary group classes offered throughout the week.


Pilates is a body conditioning system that helps build flexibility, strength and endurance and as well as long, lean muscles. It emphasizes spinal and pelvic alignment, breathing correctly and the development of a strong core to improve coordination and balance.

Amanresorts has developed a comprehensive approach to Pilates that includes an in-depth postural assessment to ascertain the individual needs of ever Aman guest who would like to enjoy the benefits of Pilates. Aman Pilates is suitable for everyone, from the desk-bound executive to the champion triathlete, and ensures that guests receive informed, intelligent and tailored advice on how to take care of their bodies and use pilates to improve their lifestyles.

Aman Pilates offers clinical exercise, fitness- and sports-specific training, and a full range of equipment including the Reformer, Trapeze table, Wunda Chair and a variety of Barrels.

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