Crumbling ruins of forts and temples are scattered throughout the park. Particularly dramatic is the 10th century Ranthambore Fort, witness to battles, sieges and the rise and fall of many royal families over the centuries.

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ranthambore fort

Cultural as well as natural attractions abound in the vicinity of Aman-i-Khás. Not far from the camp is Ranthambore Fort, believed to have been founded in 944 and therefore one of the oldest forts in the country. The fort was besieged many times over the centuries and it was the besieging armies who are mainly responsible for the construction of the many stone mosques, walls, step-wells and other buildings that still dot the countryside today. Individual tours of the fort are available on request, and travelling time from the camp is approximately 25 minutes.

the old city 

The Old City situated within the outer perimeter walls of Ranthambore Fort has largely been forgotten by tourist guides. This means that guests of Aman-i-Khás will have it mostly to themselves. The city offers visitors who pass through its ancient gates the chance to witness time perceptibly slowing down: Camels remain the preferred mode of transport and dozens of eclectic shops with food sellers, perfumeries, gold and silversmiths, carpenters and cobblers line the narrow main thoroughfare. On the way out of the city, guests can stop at the Elephant Temple which pays homage to both Hindu and Jain Gods. If the sadhus are present they will beat their drums and offer blessings for visitors.

trekking at khandar fort

Khandar Fort is one of Rajasthan’s most dramatic ruins. Perched on a hill, 300 metres above the plains, it remained unconquered for generations. Guests can enjoy a half-day experience with a scenic 1½ hour drive. The guided trek begins above the village of Khandar and winds its way up an ancient stone road to the summit. The plateau on which the fort is built is littered with fascinating ruins of palaces, temples and step-wells. Exploration of the fort is followed by lunch served in a magical location.

banas riverbed experience

The Banas River is located just 11/2 hour’s drive from Aman-i-Khás. During the region’s dry season (winter), the river dwindles to a stream with the occasional deep pool. The pools are fringed by water grass and decorated with lilies, creating an excellent feeding ground for wading birds and other water fowl. Guests can enjoy a half-day excursion to this birder’s paradise, strolling the banks of the river with a naturalist or enjoying a riverside camel ride. Lunch is served picnic-style in a peaceful spot and later, an open-topped jeep returns guests to the camp.

bird life

It is also possible to view the region’s prolific bird life without leaving the camp. Red wattled lap wings, pond herons, cattle egrets and kingfishers, amongst many others, are often spotted.
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