I just wanted to re-iterate how special the four days we spent with you were. Aman levels of beauty and excellence helped create an unforgettable stay. But more important was your special gift for hospitality, warmth and humour, and your team. The surprises you arranged to celebrate my birthday were amazing and unforgettable. Any time we bumped into someone else who also stayed with you as part of the Rajasthan tour it was like we had all shared in this quasi-spiritual experience – as if we had all wandered into a mirage. It is hard to put into words. You gave us four days of absolute peace, contentment and luxury – as well as sublime food and service."

“The essence of hospitality is alive and well in your capable hands. Elegant luxury and personal attention are wonderfully represented at this Aman Resort. We look forward to coming back soon!”

“We would like to thank you for making our stay at Aman-i-Khás so excellent and unforgettable. This was Aman standard at its highest levels. We loved the atmosphere of the resort, the layout of the tents, the spa, the other amenities, the service and the menus. We will be looking forward to returning to Aman-i-Khás in the future.”

Thank you all for a magical and amazingly memorable two days - it has been sheer bliss and hugely
exciting to see the tigress with her cubs playing in the early morning - wow!! This is our first visit to India and our stay with you has made it an exceptional experience

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