Prize predator sightings in the core of the park include tigers, leopards and smaller jungle cats. Chital deer, antelope and hyena can be seen roaming the savannah, while lakes and watering holes are home to the marsh crocodile and prolific birdlife.

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The experience at Aman-i-Khás is focused on viewing wildlife. There are twice-daily guided excursions in an open-top vehicle that transports guests on wildlife safaris into the core of Ranthambore National Park. The park was once the hunting ground of the Maharajah of Jaipur but was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1955. Following concerted conservation efforts and the launch of Project Tiger in 1973, the tiger population is now more visible and stable.

The core of the park, which measures around 400 square kilometres, presents the best opportunities to spot tigers, leopards, jungle cats, hyenas and sloth bears. Guests are not guaranteed a tiger sighting, but the area is among the best to do so in India. Chital deer, antelope and gazelle can also be seen roaming the savannah whilst the lakes and waterholes are home to the Indian marsh crocodile. Bird life, both resident and migratory, is prolific and over 350 species have been sighted within the park.

The best time to view game is in the early morning and late afternoon from open-top safari vehicles. The morning starts with tea or coffee at 5am with vehicles leaving camp shortly thereafter. Excursions last around 3.5 hours and take place twice a day. Trips are led by National Park-appointed guides who take guests through the park on a variety of routes. Snacks and drinks are provided. The morning excursion returns at about 10.00am when breakfast is served either in the Dining Tent or in the privacy of a guest’s own tent. Afternoon excursions depart from the camp at around 3.00pm and generally return at 6.30pm. Excursion times are set by the park authorities as only a limited number of vehicles are permitted inside the park core at any one time. Safaris need to be secured prior to arrival. Details such as a guest’s first and last names, father’s first and last names, passport number, nationality and date of birth are required to book and confirm safaris.

Camel safaris in the outskirts of the park and through traditional villages are also available.

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