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“Morocco was the perfect place to combine relaxation and treasure-hunting in the souks. On the first day, I arrive with my boyfriend Nick in the late afternoon to the Amanjena resort in Marrakech.  It is beyond beautiful: serene and intimate.”, USA
on Amanjena, Jul-Sep 2011

“ ‘Là, tout n’est qu’ordre et beauté, luxe, calme et volupté.’ Les vers de Beaudelaire semblent avoir été écrits pour cette oasis exclusive où le bien-être s’allie au raffinement marocain.”

“ ‘Là, tout n’est qu’ordre et beauté, luxe, calme et volupté.’ The prose of Beaudelaire could have been written specially for this exclusive oasis where well-being goes hand in hand with Moroccan finesse.”

Travel Jam, France
on Amanjena, Summer 2011 (original and translated text)

“Amanjena - It is a dream out of 1001 nights, in Moorish exuberance with gigantic colonnades and seven meters high interiors, the villas have 175 sqm – at least - the pools bigger than Olympic size. As for the service, there is 800 staff for a maximum of 80 guests – a new record, even for Amanjunkies”

Bentley, Germany
on Amanjena, May 2011 (text translated)

“It is not the style or the authenticity of the location that makes Marrakech’s Amanjena one of Africa's best hotel - it is a luxury commitment to lifestyle.”

Diivan, Estonia
on Amanjena, May 2011

“The Garden of Eden is not far off.”

"The Hotel oasis of the Amanjena rises like a mirage. Motionless like a sculpture, a giant heron watches over the irrigations basin that reflects the tall palms and pink pavilions and maisons. ” 

"In all honesty, Amanjena is the epitome of relaxation -  a fairy tale from One Thousand and One Nights.”

Swiss Universe, Switzerland
on Amanjena, March 2011

“With La Mamounia making its debut as the lavishly buxom Brigitte Bardot of Marrakesh, Amanjena endures as the more discreet Catherine Deneuve. Greeting me with considerably more demure, yet still divine assets, its love at first sight.  Utterly relaxed, my visit feels like a sprawling, movable feast through the home of a well-traveled sophisticate – rare books stacked hip high, carved monoliths, saffron spiced air and swirling veils.  I’m barely three steps into the foyer when a smiling attendant pours me a classic Moroccan mint tea and welcomes me with a dish of honeyed sweet cakes.  A sun-baked, coral pink palace framed by the vast Atlas Mountains shimmering in the distance, Amanjena is an exercise in subtle beauty…”

“Amanjena is an exercise in subtle beauty.”

“All the experiences they crave are flawlessly executed by discreet staff, a sort of peerless Arabian Nights fantasy by way of Town and Country.”

The Globe and Mail, Canada
on Amanjena, March 2011
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