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"Amanjiwo is a truly magnificent resort, designed like an elegant monastery made of limestone. The days are passing by. I want to capture them. I get up at 4 o‘ clock in the morning for an elephant-ride to the temple, passing rice paddies. The temple gate is still close, but Amanjiwo makes everything possible, and so I am almost alone amidst all these fantastic stone sculptures as the sun rises. Breakfast? The Aman-crew has chosen a shady spot on Dagi Hill for me: The picnic basket contains papaya, coconut pancakes and – watercolors."

Elle Traveller, Germany
on Amanjiwo, April 2014

“The peaceful cultural environment and luxurious resort setting set a beautifully contrasting environment for total relaxation.”

96st, Malaysia
on Amanjiwo, January 2014

“Apart from the wish to see “Indonesia’s Angkor”, the sole reason for our visit was to stay at Amanjiwo. Borobudur’s only two upscale hotels, and an experience never to forget. “

“Without exception, everything we tried was delicious, clean tasting and perfectly-prepared.”

“As we looked down on Borobudur we agreed it was a truly magical place that we would love to revisit, maybe even with the kids next time!”, Singapore
on Amanjiwo, January 2014

“It is necessary, very often, to be allowed to re-load the batteries, to give one’s life a ‘pause’, and then to recommence again. In this context, the Amanjiwo Resort in the centre of Java, Indonesia, is an invitation to find spiritual peace and relaxation without ever forgetting refinement.”

“Amanjiwo means “peaceful soul”. Without a shadow of a doubt the place breathes the name itself.”

“…the resort has an atmosphere of Zen that plunges into the Javanese culture and into it’s ceremonies and religious rituals. The beauty of the place sounds like poetics, as if it’s been drawn by the hand of the Devas (Buddhist gods).”

Decor, Brazil
on Amanjiwo, December 2013

"There are many hotels around the temple but Amanjiwo is by far the most luxurious. Set amid verdant rice fields and gardens on the slopes of a mountain, the resort has 36 suites, some with private plunge pools, arranged in a semicircle around a stunning limestone rotunda that evokes the style of Borobudur."

"Amanjiwo has also designed special ways to experience the temple. After being escorted around the ruins by a guide on the sunrise tour, a breakfast picnic awaits beneath the towering pines on Menoreh Hills, which affords yet another superb view of Borobudur."

Priority Magazine, Singapore
on Amanjiwo, October-December 2013
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