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“If there were ever an entrance that would command attention and render you speechless, it would be that of Amanjiwo.”

“After being greeted with a royal shower of flowers and giddy from the wonderful scent of jasmine, we settle into the tranquil pace of this unique retreat and prepare to take in all the exotic sounds this Indonesian gem has to offer.”

“A weekend feels like a week and we leave concluding that Amanjiwo is a feeling rather than a destination, to be experienced to be believed.”

"Aman's hospitality is unrivaled, and nothing is too much trouble for its staff. Like a team of invisible fairies, they descend upon our room every time we step out, leaving it refreshed with flowers, cookies and neatly folded towels."

Singapore Tatler, Singapore
on Amanjiwo, June 2013

"At 4.15am a chorus of azans (Muslim summons to prayer) rises from the Kedu Plain and stirs me from my bed at Amanjiwo in central Java. Within the hour I am on the top platform, or nirvana level, of Borobudur."

"The sight is even more impressive from a grassy terrace on nearby Dagi Hill, where we walk to for breakfast. Bamboo tables and batik seating have been laid out meticulously on rattan mats beneath white parasols. A cream-suited Amanjiwo staffer stands to attention beside our glorious garden party, ready to serve breakfast. As we tuck into homemade muesli, tropical fruits, smoked ham and cheese croissants and muffins, it is impossible to imagine how this moment could be improved. Then an elephant looms into sight through the mist, and then another, and another. And of course now it seems obvious that, yes, a parade of elephants emerging from the mist is exactly what this moment was missing."

Wish Magazine, Australia
on Amanjiwo, May 2013

"The service at the Amanjiwo Resort is unparalleled. On our first morning, we were greeted at an early breakfast with a lemongrass soaked towel, a refreshing prelude to a private meal on a hill overlooking pine trees and Borobudur, facing a misty skyline with the sun rising across the temple valley. The mild breeze brought a restorative calm and regenerated the senses. It was a truly spiritual canvas on which Mother Nature painted her daily masterpiece."

"In the evening, on our way to a local shadow puppet show, we chanced upon a group engaged in prayer and chanting, all gathered around a bonfire. It was a charming scene of local life, a perfect complement to the exceedingly warm hospitality shown us throughout our stay at Amanjiwo."

"The excellent service at the Amanjiwo Resort makes the magical days spent at Borobudur perfect for rejuvenation and relaxation. The resort is part of the renowned Amanresorts chain, founded by Adrian Zecha, who envisioned a collection of intimate retreats in stunningly gorgeous environs. In Amanjiwo, this vision has without question become reality."

Jet, Asia Pacific
on Amanjiwo, Spring 2013

Still in the area of Java, we headed to a luxury resort Amanjiwo which has a unique and captivating view"

Lionmag, Indonesia
on Amanjiwo, February 2013

"Peace and quiet are the best words to describe the buildings and the atmosphere in Amanjiwo"

"The architectural design for Amanjiwo is built for a direct view to Borobudur and its beautiful surroundings"

"With a soulful design, Amanjiwo tries to make guests live side by side with nature, hoping to gain positive energy as well as a strong awareness to take good care of Mother Nature"

HighEnd, Indonesia
on Amanjiwo, January 2013
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