Amanjiwo offers guests Javanese and traditional beauty treatments, which are available in the specially-designed Spa Suite.

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A range of Javanese and traditional beauty treatments are available at Amanjiwo, some of which incorporate the ancient holistic jamu method of healing. These can be enjoyed in the privacy of guest suites or in the specially-designed Spa Suite which has twin massage tables and an outdoor bale.

the gift of massage

Pijat traditional massage – In rural Java, the masseur is revered. He is a Dukun - a holy man, healer and mediator with the spirit world. The masseur is versed in the rituals required of his art, and the villagers place their faith in his ancient skills. Amanjiwo’s team of masseurs and masseuses all possess the Gift, and are respected as Orang Pintar, or spiritual people. All were born within local villages. Some, like Ibu Diriyah, discovered by accident that their touch could cure the hurt of a hard day in the sawah (field). Pijat is therapeutic rather than hedonistic. It is a deep massage and not a soft, pampering stroke. It can, sometimes, even verge on the painful, but the result is always blissful, both relaxing and healing.

Javanese massage – The softer and gentler version of Pijat, guaranteed to make you sigh with pleasure. The nurturing touch of the therapist will help untie knotted muscles and make you feel totally relaxed.

Traditional Javanese Reflexology – A rebalancing therapy to restore the energy of the body's organs by applying pressure to the reflex points, focusing mainly on the back, feet and hands.

Back, neck & shoulder massage – For the weary traveller suffering from stiff shoulders and neck, with tension in the back muscles, this treatment is perfect. The therapist will focus on these areas. With concentrated deep kneading, your stiffness will evaporate soon after.

body treatments

Enjoy Java’s famed herbal beauty treatments the traditional way. As a final touch, lavender tuberose body cream is applied to condition and soften the skin.

Mandi Lulur – Experience the preparation of a Javanese princess before her wedding day. This is a traditional exfoliation and body polishing treatment made from white turmeric and honey, blended with rice grain. The treatment begins with a massage, followed by the lulur scrub and ends with a relaxing herbal bath. A truly royal treat for your body.

Mandi Susu – A good remedy for sun-burned skin, Mandi Susu or milk bath starts with a soothing massage. A luxurious body mask, made with milk and honey is then applied all over the body, cooling the skin. To complete the treatment, a soak in the milky, floral bath will leave the body feeling completely nurtured.

Mandi Lulur Borneo Hitam – A masculine version of the Mandi Lulur, the ‘Black Borneo’ uses a blend of black rice and coffee as the scrub, to smooth the skin. To improve vitality an invigorating massage oil is used for the massage. The treatment ends with a warm herbal bath.


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