Possessing trails like Mount Merapi and Menoreh Hills, Central Java is a hiker’s paradise.

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Personal guides are available for those who wish to traverse the landscape of Central Java. The region is a haven for trekkers and casual hikers alike.

Mount Merapi rewards those looking for a simple walk and those seeking a more strenuous experience. Nearly 3,000 metres high, Mount Merapi is one of the many volcanoes to give shape and drama to Java’s landscape. Only the fittest hikers, however, will want to make the demanding climb to the summit of this active strato-volcano. The tree line is five hours away and the summit is made before sunrise.

Somewhat less difficult is the 2 ½- hour hike into the Menoreh Hills, which begins just a few hundred metres behind Amanjiwo. Unimpeded views of the Kedu Plain, with Amanjiwo in the foreground and Borobudur in the middle distance, can be enjoyed along the way. The view eventually turns inward, to a plunging garden valley, and the trail ends on a mountain road. From there, guests are driven to Suroloyo, a misty sunset point surrounded by hills and valleys.

There’s another, far less taxing way to enjoy views of Amanjiwo and the Menoreh Hills. Simply follow the pebble washed passageway that runs through the resort. Soon, the steps give way to rice fields. Follow a shock of sugarcane and tall cassava to a clearing and the village of Tuksongo. Keep walking and the trail eventually leads to Borobudur. Turn back and within 25 minutes you’ll be sipping Javanese tea on the terrace of Amanjiwo.

View and download the Amanjiwo interactive map of Central Java here read more 

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