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Amanresorts offers a guest experience that is intimate and discreet while providing the highest level of service. Since the realisation of its first property, Amanpuri, in 1988, Amanresorts has evolved across 20 countries around the world.
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With magnificent views over the green rice terraces of the Kedu Plain towards Borobudur, the world’s largest and oldest Buddhist sanctuary, a wedding at Amanjiwo is an enchantingly different experience. Within the tranquil surrounds of our property, the gracious hospitality of Java will embrace you. 

The Dalem Jiwo Suite is a discreet compound, complete with a private entrance, a grand rotunda and surrounding terrace and two detached bedrooms. The suite’s 15m pool, finished in a green Javanese stone known as hijau danau, appears to merge into the rice paddies. The Rotunda is perfectly sized and positioned for intimate ceremonies. The area can be transformed afterwards into a dance floor, a dining pavilion or an elegant lounging area.

Amanjiwo can tailor a reception to suit your individual needs and requirements. Imagine a carpet of rose petals covering the limestone floors, the Dalem Jiwo suite and its 15m pool illuminated by bamboo torches and banana-leaf wrapped candles, while garlands of woven sweet-smelling jasmine decorate the Rotunda columns. A full gamelan orchestra playing Javanese classical music can also be arranged to accompany traditional dancers.

In the Javanese festive tradition, the Wedding Feast starts with a blessing and the presentation of offerings to the bridal couple such as Gunungan (Holy Rice Mountain), and other customary Javanese delicacies. Following this, Amanjiwo will host a sumptuous Indonesian or Western meal, or a feast with a combination of both cuisines.

Amanjiwo’s specialty and the most popular ceremony is the traditional Javanese wedding. Christian or Buddhist Blessing ceremonies can also be arranged with the cooperation of the churches and vihara around Borobudur and Magelang.


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