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“When I arrived at Amankila I was immediately dazzled by the stunning view of the turquoise sea from its signature three-tier swimming pools.

“I loved the simplicity of the design which had an elegant yet restrained Balinese feeling all over: Everything was just perfect.”

“There is so much to see in east Bali beyond the beach. I was fascinated by the hypnotic mix of religion, royal culture and architectural splendour in the area often referred to as “old Bali” just a few kilometres away from Amankila.”

“This truly luxurious resort knows how to pamper guests and make them feel like a king or queen for a day or two, or as long as they stay at this wonderful resort.”

MAXX-M, Indonesia
on Amankila, January 2014

“One of the world’s most extraordinary hideaways on the calm, remote eastern coast of Bali, in the unspoilt Karangasem Region.”
“The sound of the Ocean pervades; the gentle breezes whispering through the coconut palms as house martins swoop along the air currents and the white Umbul Umbul flags that are raised for celebrations and special occasions, flutter and swirl.”
“No wonder some people stay 3 weeks or even 3 months at a time. It is that sort of place.”

Gallivanter's Guide, UK
on Amankila, February 2013

"This beautiful resort is very much in touch with its community."

Condé Nast Traveler, USA
on Amankila, January 2013

“One iconic property on Bali’s eastern flank instills the exotic tranquility of the island’s past, while heralding in new levels of luxury for the romantically inclined.”

“Amankila has 34 free standing stilted suites, each of which seemingly floats in the warm evening air, connected to the rest of the world only by a tiny walkway.”

Jetsetter, Hong Kong
on Amankila, December 2012

“One of the spectacular hotels of the luxurious Amanresorts.”

“The pools are like aquatic viewpoints by day and part of the background scenery by night when the traditional dancers arrive.”

“When you arrive at Amankila the impression is overwhelming. The 3 pools overlook the Lombok straits like a water auditorium. The view inside the water is simply spectacular.”

“The sweet smell of flowers (and the newspaper) say hello in the morning.”

Marie Claire, Spain
on Amankila, November 2012

“If you're tired of the sand and wanting to know what to do in Bali come sunset, try watching the changing color of the sky from the hotel's signature triple-stepped swimming pool.”

CNNgo, Singapore
on Amankila, March 2012
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