Soothe mind and body in the Massage Pavilion or outdorrs in the tranquil Coconut Grove.

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spa treatments

Traditional Balinese massage and beauty treatments are available in the privacy of guest suites, in the specially-designated Massage Pavilion, or outdoors at the tranquil Coconut Grove where two teakwood massage tables are hidden away amongst the palms and flowering bushes.

Traditional Balinese baths, scrubs and wraps make use of the healing power of natural ingredients, which stimulate as they revive, providing the ultimate in relaxation.

pijat (massage)

amankila massage
A traditional full body massage. This massage focuses on strong and soothing strokes.

This powerful and therapeutic massage is carried out by the local village healer, Gusti. By intuition, he focuses on specific problem areas in the body, combining many known and unknown techniques.  Gusti’s healing touch will loosen tightness in the muscle tissue, restore optimum blood and oxygen circulation which results in an overall sense of well-being. A true Balinese secret to experience.

pijat harum
During this gentle aromatic massage, essential oils are absorbed through the skin circulating their healing and therapeutic properties throughout the body.

pijat kaki
This luxurious foot treatment commences with a scrub, which is followed by a traditional Balinese foot massage.

pijat bahu
A deep neck and shoulder massage which helps relieve tension.

luar biasa (specials)

pijat reflexi
By palpitating miniature pressure points on the soles of the feet, the therapist is able to treat problem areas in the body. Reflexology is helpful for the treatment of conditions such as stress related problems and lack of energy, as well as digestive and nervous disorders.

cinta (for two)
The ultimate romantic experience. After a 90-minute massage in the privacy of a candle-lit terrace, guests are left to enjoy a chilled bottle of champagne. The treatment is concluded with a relaxing petal bath.

cita ening
Cita Ening is the pure thoughts that come about after purification by a priest. The two and a half-hour treatment begins with a foot scrub using tamarind and lime. The body will then be gently exfoliated with a traditional Balinese scrub made from rice and ginger, preparing the skin for a one-hour Amankila massage. The stomach is then wrapped with red ginger and cajeput, the chest with a blend of rice milk and honey, and the face soothed with cool cucumber. During the wrap, the scalp is massaged with coconut hair cream. This treatment concludes with a rich body lotion to moisturize the skin.

untuk pria (for the man)

pijat kuat
Gusti, the local village healer, carries out this deep treatment theraphy which releases tension in the body, ensuring a good night's sleep.

rempah raja
A man’s complementary version of the feminine Mandi Lulur (can be enjoyed together as a couple). It begins with a masculine scented scrub, the Black Borneo Lulur, followed by a soak in a warm, herbal bath. An Amankila massage completes the two hour treatment.

This pampering procedure for men includes nail trimming and filing, cuticle and nail care and a moisturizing hand massage. A thorough nail cleaning and buffing concludes the treatment.

The  Men’s Pedicure begins with a foot soak and scrub, followed by nail trimming, filing, cuticle and calluses care. The treatment is complete after a revitalizing foot massage and nail buffing.

pemandian (bath scrub and wrap)

mandi lulur
Revered for its immediate effects on the skin and mind, the Mandi Lulur is traditionally used to prepare the bride for her wedding day. This two-hour treatment starts with an exfoliating body scrub with turmeric, sandalwood and ginger root. The body is then soothed with an application of yogurt, followed by a soak in a perfumed bath filled with fresh tropical flowers.  During the bath, a crème scalp moisturizer is massaged into the hair. The pampering is completed with a one-hour Amankila massage. 

pandan mud
A refreshing body scrub made from Vanilla and Mint begins this one-hour treatment. The scrub leaves the skin refreshed in preparation for the Vanilla Mud Wrap. During the wrap, a soothing scalp massage allows for deep relaxation. The treatment concludes by anointing the body with an aromatic body lotion.

mandi susu
The whitening of the skin is thought to be important prior to special ceremonies. This two-hour treatment begins with a lazy soak in a coconut milk bath. The body is then gently scrubbed with sea salt and mandarin peel, followed by a clay mask scented with mint and lemongrass oils. The scrub and mask will make the skin soft and smooth. A one-hour massage concludes this soporific experience.

pina colada
This one-hour indulgence will leave the skin feeling smooth and healthy. The pineapple peel exfoliates dead skin, preparing it for the conditioning properties of the coconut. A cooling shower precedes an anointment of moisturizing body lotion.

aloe vera sejuk
Designed to sooth sun-kissed skin, this is ideal after a day out in the sea and sun. This one-hour treatment first cools the body in a tepid lavender bath. A wrap in fresh aloe vera gel direct from the plant grown in the Amankila garden follows after the bath. While the soothing properties of the aloe vera do their work, enjoy a relaxing head and face massage. After a fresh shower, the skin will be applied with a gentle after-sun lotion.

cantik (beauty)

the aman facial
The therapist will apply products best suited for individual skin types. For your complete relaxation, a hand or foot massage is also offered.

A 60-minute traditional manicure includes a soothing hand and forearm massage with a rich hand balm. A color will then be chosen and applied from the range of nail polish available.

A 60-minute traditional pedicure includes a moisturising soak and a nourishing foot massage. A color will then be chosen and applied from the range of nail polish available.

Imported Aloe Vera strip wax is used for gentle hair removal. The service is complete with the application of soothing fresh Aloe Vera gel direct from the plant grown in the Amankila garden.

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