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“At the 24-room Amankora, nestled in Bhutan’s pristine Paro Valley, slip into a teakwood tub filled with water that’s heated to more than 100 degrees and infused with the musky herb…Glass walls let in the light of the surrounding pine forest, a screen gives you privacy, and there’s no time limit—you can soak as long as you can stand the heat.”

Virtuoso Life, USA
on Amankora Paro, May-June 2014

“There is an air of monastic calm about the place.”

“At the outdoor deck, the bonfire crackles, providing warmth and illuminating a deep, dark night. What blissful peace with not a thought of the world outside.”

“By way of goodbye, Sonam, the lodge directress of Amankora Thimphu said to me, “Wherever you go, you can leave your soul here until you come back again.” It was a beautiful thought, and one that I will cherish. Norbu, Tashi, Topgay and Sangay made me feel like I was part of their spheres of life, and that coming back to Bhutan would be the most natural thing. I’ve learned that home is a place where your heart is happiest and feels most settled. In Bhutan, I have found that home.”, Philippines
on Amankora Thimphu, December 2013

“As I stepped into the large terrazzo-clad bath, which stood invitingly in the middle of the space, I was treated to a perfectly framed view of the pine forest through a vertical window. “

“Amankora Gangtey with its 8 suites is set on a forested knoll, overlooking Phobjika valley, one of Bhutans most important wildlife sanctuaries.”

“That evening we were ushered to a hopelessly romantic private dinner in a still functioning potato shed where local farmers store the harvest. We then retired to the stone-built potato shed illuminated by more than one hundred gently flickering candles. A centrally placed bukhari warmed us while we sipped the signature cocktail Ara-tini and tucked into a delicious Bhutanese spread. Aman had done it again! - Creating us treasured memories that only dreams are made of. “

“Aman picnics are a masterfully put together- a warm meal presented in a neat little package of untouchable tranquility, jaw-dropping scenery and distinctly Aman service that royally pampers.
Indeed it is considered a privilege to visit Bhutan even by the most seasoned traveller and what better way than with the ultra-luxurious and fascinating Amankora Journey.”

Singapore Tatler, Singapore
on Amankora, November 2013

“The Gangtey lodge of the luxurious Amankora resort in Bhutan is, without doubt, the perfect place to take up residence for a few days should you wish to have front-row seats to see this unique natural tableau unfold. With its massive picture windows overlooking the vast expanse of the Phobjikha Valley floor, the resorts offers the perfect spot in which you may unobtrusively observe the cranes and feel as if a Chinese painting has come to life right in front of you.”

“The lodge itself is small, compared to the others in Thimphu and Paro, offering just eight perfectly formed suites, all of which offer picture-postcard views of the enchanting valley and the Goempa. Here, you may choose to embrace Aman hospitality at its finest, either by doing deliciously nothing or trying out one of its many signature experiences, all of which embody the essence of the land.”

The Peak, Malaysia
on Amankora Gangtey, October 2013
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