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“There are many temples in the mystical Himalayan Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan, but one of them is dedicated to clean architectural lines and contemporary design instead of Buddha… Teakwood baths heated by fired rocks, rammed-earth walls, gently sloping roofs and wood-paneled yoga meditation rooms add an earthy but elemental minimalist feel to the property.”, USA
on Amankora, September 2013

“I found the exquisite service, design and attention to detail at the hotel to be superb.”

“It would not be an exaggeration to say that I was literally waited upon hand and foot like a queen.”

SilverKris, Singapore
on Amankora, May 2013

“Breathtakingly exotic, and not just because of the thin Himalayan air… a palpable vein of spirituality runs through its far-flung communities.”

“Only Aman, however, went so far as to build an entire circuit of boutique lodges, five in total, each set in a different valley.”

“On my final afternoon in Bhutan doesn’t see me scrabbling up a mountainside, but rather wreathed in herb-scented mist in a wooden tub on the edge of a fern-fringed glade. And yes, I’m feeling very happy.”

DestinAsian, Indonesia
on Amankora, May 2013

“Walking down the pink flower path from the hotel to the ceremony site through the whispering pine trees was especially memorable.”
“The boutique hotel was as intimate as it was isolated allowing the couple to share their special moment with loved ones amid breathtaking environs of towering peaks and pine forests.”

Asia Weddings and Honeymoons, Indonesia
on Amankora Paro, April-May 2013

“The silence around the lodge, set amid a small pine forest and within sight of the clay walls of a long-dilapidated fort, is interrupted only by the twittering of birds and the murmur of the natural springs that bubble up all over the sloping terrain.”

“Even a visit to the spa, almost completely hidden from view behind the trees, can be a contemplative experience.”

“As the fire dies down, the crackle of the last pine logs carries as far as my chalet. Night falls over the Amankora, and I drift into a deep sleep.”

“Profound sensitivity to indigenous cultures and religious beliefs, a deep respect for nature, the inimitable privacy afforded by these resorts and the very personal service provided by the «local Aman family» combine to create the unique, almost magical Aman aura. It is not unusual to meet guests vying with each other to see who has already visited the
most Aman resorts worldwide.”

Views Magazine, Switzerland
on Amankora, March 2013
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