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“We wound our way down along the ridgeline from Amankora Paro, overlooking green, fan-contoured rice terraces, picking our way between farmers coming the other way leading sturdy little peonies and cows comically caparisoned with bells and tassels. The hotel, built low to the treeline from native materials, was almost immediately lost among the blue pines and rhododendrons. On the valley floor, the ruined 17th century dhzong, or fortified monastery, which caps the promontory across the way from the hotel, popped into soaring view, backed by 24,000 foot, snow-shrouded Mount Jomolhari.”

ForbesLife, USA
on Amankora Paro, Summer 2012

“The five sleek Aman lodges form a spectacular trekking loop. The remote Amankora Gangtey, for instance, is in the Phobijikha Valley, with views across a cavernous gorge to the 16th-century monastery of Gangtey Goemba.”

Unique Honeymoons, UK
on Amankora, Spring-Summer 2012

“It is downhill all the way to the hotel, hair in the wind. We reach the lodge short of breath and so excited!”

“A surprise awaits us the next day. Sangjay, the handsome hotel manager, has a boat for us moored on the riverbank. We paddle to an island where we are greeted by an army of waiters: Bloody Mary’s, a barbecue, nice tables, a festive air. It is a Christmas Day to remember.”

Baccarat, Hong Kong
on Amankora, May 2012

"A Paro, lorsqu’au loin le mont Jomolhari, qui tutoie le ciel à 7 314 mètres, rougeoie au coucher du soleil, le spectacle devient fascinant."

"From the Paro lodge, as the last light of day reddens the 7,000 meter peak of Mount Jomolhari, the view is nothing short of grandiose."

Air France Madame, France
on Amankora Paro, April-May 2012

"Posé sur une colline dominant ce paysage, l’Amankora Gangtey est l’un des cinq lodges Aman du pays. La chaîne est aujourd’hui à la pointe du développement touristique du pays, dont elle a épousé une certaine conception du voyage : exclusif, curieux, respectueux d’un environnement culturel délicat, mais bien vivant."

“Placed on a hill overlooking the landscape, the Amankora Gangtey is one of the five Aman lodges in the country. The chain (Amanresorts) is now the forefront of tourism development in the country, it blended a certain conception of travel: exclusive, curious, respectful of cultural environment delicate, but alive.”

"Les hôtels Aman disposent de cinq lodges haut de gamme au Bhoutan. On y goûte une forme de luxe subtil, où le dépouillement est une valeur phare. Les suites sont agencées de façon semblable, ce qui donne au voyageur ayant la chance de passer d’un Aman à l’autre un sentiment de familiarité fort agréable."

“Aman owns five upscale lodges in Bhutan. One can taste here a form of subtle luxury, where sobriety is a core value. The suites are arranged similarly, this gives the traveler with the chance to spend a night from an Aman to another with a very pleasant feeling of familiarity and home.”

Le Figaro Magazine, France
on Amankora, April 2012
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