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"While captivated by the area in general, we were totally bewitched by Amankora Punakha. The experience goes beyond the facilities, the tastefully designed rooms or the delicious food....."

Expat Living, Singapore
on Amankora Punakha, February 2012

“I love Amankora Bumthang.' says Gold List contributor Sophy Roberts. 'It is built in the grounds of an old royal palace, where novice monks run across lawns each to prayer. And the location - the cradle of Buddhism in Bhutan - is wonderful.”

Condé Nast Traveller, UK
on Amankora Bumthang, January 2012

“A breathtaking panorama view of terracotta roofs, green leafy trees and rolling emerald waves greet me when I throw open the doors”

Mr & Mrs Smith, Australia
on Amankora, January 2012

"Grande cour pavée, bâtisse monumentale aux meurtrières noires creusées dans des murs blanchis à la chaux, l'Amankora semble impénétrable, excepté pour quelques privilégiés adeptes de sérénité et de chuchotements.
L'Amankora Bumthang est comme ses cousins des autres vallées : olympien. Ses chambres sont aussi hautes de plafond que les précédentes.
Où que l'on soit dans le pays, l'Amankora nous accueille. Les "certainly" de nos hôtes bercent nos désirs.
S'inspirant de l'architecture locale,des lodges offrent au visiteur un luxe infini."

"A vast paved courtyard, a monumental building with black loopholes dug into chalked walls, Amankora seems guarded against the outside world, except for a few privileged, looking for serenity and tranquility.
Amankora Bumthang is similar to its cousins from the other valleys : serene and majestic. The ceilings of the suites are as high as the others.
No matter where you are in Bhutan, Amankora welcomes you. The “certainly” response of our hosts comforts our every desire.
Inspired by the local architecture, all lodges offer their guests infinite luxury."

GQ, France
on Amankora, Jul-Sep 2011

"「ブータンへの旅は 「アマンコラ」が基本」。5軒のアマンコラ・ロッヂが,それぞれの自然豊か な町や村で旅人をサポートします。アマンコラでは、 機知に富んだガイドが案内をしてくれ、 多彩な料理や地元の料理が旅の思い出を 作ってくれます。 また数々の珍しいアクティビティが旅人を魅了してやみません。"

"Amankora is a must for your Bhutan journey. A combination of 5 Amankora lodges supports visitors in unspoiled towns and villages. Amankora’s witty and knowledgeable guides decorates your trip with unforgettable tours and places to try various traditional foods. Everybody will be fascinated and enchanted with its unique experiences."

Fujingaho, Japan
on Amankora, Jul-Sep 2011
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