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"Amanresorts read my mind in tune with the states of my mind, made me smile from my heart."

MrMr, China
on Amankora, Jul-Sep 2011

“Amanresorts read my mind in tune with my state of mind. It made me smile from my heart.”

MrMr, Hong Kong
Amankora, June 2011 (text translated)

“The Amankora experience is designed to offer both authentic cultural immersion and five-star pampering, with gourmet dinners and indulgent spa treatments, including some based on local products. While there are trekking options at each lodge (ranging from easy one-hour walks to half-day treks), it’s the more bespoke experiences that set this apart. These range from adventure sports (kayaking, white water rafting, or trying your hand at Bhutan’s national sport, archery), to unique experiences such as dinner in a local farmhouse, participating in a butter-lamp lighting ceremony (designed to dispel the darkness of ignorance) and discussions with Buddhist scholars..”

Australian Doctor, Australia
Amankora, May 2011

“L’Amankora, au Bhoutan, est la terre promise des amateurs de yoga. C’est une véritable retraite spirituelle, dans un cadre grandiose, auquel vous convie cet hôtel d‘un autre temps.”

“Amankora, in Bhutan, is the promised land of yoga lovers. This hotel from another time, invites you to a true spiritual retreat, in a grandiose environment.”

La Parisienne, France
Amankora, May 2011 (original and translated text)

“My room was a modern-chic version of a Japanese mountain retreat, with a wood-burning stove and mountain views.  In the evening, the staff put a hot water bottle in the bed and left out treats like homemade carrot muffins.  When I wanted to eat lunch—yak burger with Gouda cheese—in the library, they set a special table.”

The Wall Street Journal, USA
Amankora, April 2011

”Amankora is the sort of place in which everyday rituals are elevated to spiritual experiences.”

Vogue, India
Amankora, February 2011
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