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"Vietnam has been on the travel radar for a while now, but over the past few years its backpacking image has been shed thanks to a new wave of luxury hotel openings. One of the most exceptional is the new Amanoi by Aman Resorts."

Kensington & Chelsea, UK
on Amanoi, January 2014

"Think a Vietnamese version of the Amalfi coast, but with meandering cows, replacing back-to-back Lamborghinis. Lush forests and scrubby hills rumble down in great boulders to secret swathes of beach. And there, overlooking an empty bay is the just opened Amanoi, Aman's first hotel in Vietnam - a smattering of sleek pavilions with vaulted ceilings, modern oak beds and grey wet-room showers with doors that swoosh onto your private terrace."

Tatler Travel Guide, UK
on Amanoi, January 2014

“This is the latest beachside Aman Spa and the first of its kind in Vietnam. Situated near Nui Chua National Park, it offers mind- and body-healing treatments using indigenous herbs, aloe, rice, and coffee.”

Town & Country, USA
on Amanoi, January 2014

“Walking back to your tile-roofed pavilion, you’ve paused to consider two things: a quick cooling dip, and, well, that view. You wonder if this rugged green-on-green coastline, with its tiny islets and hidden-cove beaches, was half as mesmerizing before Amano’i arrived to frame it with elegant symmetry.”

Travel+Leisure, USA
on Amanoi, January 2014

 “Vinh Hy Bay’s isolation from the rest of the busy provinces of Vietnam introduced me to what I regard as a place bursting with stillness and sophistication. I want to liken it to a lady expectant of its guests, a hostess expert at how to take care of travelers such as myself. I was eager to meet this ‘lady’ who turns out to be any beach lover’s dream, already talked about in Vietnam’s elite resorts circle – Amanoi Resort.”

“If Amanoi were a lady, she would be exuding not just graciousness, but also elegance and warmth.”

“A place queenly in its solitude and resplendent with sophistication. There were just so many details that my camera could not capture. And as I turned for a last look, if there was anything left behind, I felt a little pang that my relaxing days at her arms were over.” 

Asian Traveler, Philippines
on Amanoi, December 2013
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