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“The Pavilions are to be found along snaking lanes that cut through the mega-diverse flora of this unique dry forest region, that includes cacti, dracaena, cauarina and bonsai-style apricot trees; of which there is a whole forest in the Park itself. As you are sped along in one of the many buggies that service the Pavilions, you feel as though you are in a greenhouse at Kew Gardens, counting some of the 1,265 plant varieties; all of which seem to have gathered here at Amano’i, along with a raft of exotic birds, and butterflies the size of saucers.”

“Rarely has the word unspoilt been more meaningful.”

“The 42-metre-long pool twists to mirror the curve of the coastline; steps leading down to a perfect white sand bay. All I want to do is stare and stay forever.”

“…the sense of peace and privacy palpable.”

“There is nothing remotely comparable in Vietnam. Do go.”

Gallivanter's Guide, UK
on Amanoi, December 2013

"Amanresorts know how to celebrate the magic of out-of-the-way-places. They build their properties into a rough canyon in Utah. On a tiny Philippine island. And now in Vietnam, south of Nha Trang in the Bay of Vinh Hy. They are always very special, and always of marvelously discrete luxury.”

"Down in the beach club you only hear the sound of the air condition and of the sea. […] One could paddle to the small hidden bay. Go diving. […] Or enjoy the Spa, the warm coconut oil being poured over the hair while the body covered with Aloe Vera gel is cooling down. Or simply starr at the sea. […] In fact, nothing is missing here, only time flies by. You almost do not recognize that you get settled and how quickly you get used to being pampered. But on the journey home […] you can feel the small muscles aching deep inside your stomach. You get homesick. For this bay."

Architectural Digest, Germany
on Amanoi, November 2013

“Amanoi, which means ‘a peaceful place’ testifies to the rich natural beauties of Southeast Asia.”

Tatler, Indonesia
on Amanoi, November 2013

“It may seem sacrilegious to build a hotel in the protected reserve of Nui Chua National Park on Vietnam’s untouched eastern coast, but that would underestimate the commitment to environmental conservation that Aman Resorts is celebrated for. The boutique hospitality brand’s latest edition to its roster of yearned-after properties is Amanoi, a luxury resort perched dramatically atop the 105-acre mountainous promontory.”

Elite Traveler, USA
on Amanoi, Winter 2013
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