With seven square kilometres of pristine coral reef  just 300 metres from the white-sand beach, there is no doubt that Amanpulo offers some of the most exceptional and easily accessible diving sites in the region.

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dive sites

house reef

Facing the Beach Club, this is a good site for beginners or divers not wanting a long boat ride. The reef starts as shallow as three metres (10ft) gently sloping down to 12 metres (40ft) and ends with a steep drop down the reef. A wide array of coral and fish can be seen. It is not uncommon to catch sight of turtles in this area.

west villa reef

The reef in front of The West Villas offers a wide array of hard corals all teeming with colourful reef fish. The dive passes over large boulder and mushroom corals and down a gradual incline to the reefs edge where the larger rocks overhang abundant in sea life including Green and Hawksbills turtles. Ideal for all certified divers.

the pier

This beautiful site is a short boat ride away. Here you can explore the rock formations and a number of ship’s anchors with an abundance of marine life keeping you company. There is a large sandy area where rays and turtles are often sighted.

rocky cove

Close to the Dive Centre, this vibrant site has large rock clusters adorned with bright soft corals and surrounded by colourful reef fish. The descent into the deeper reefs develops in to a steep slope where large schools of jacks, travelli’s fusiliers and occasionally some larger pelagic species are encountered. Turtles are regular visitors to this area. Ideal for all certified divers.

fan coral

Located at the northern tip of the island, this site is good for semi wall dives. Sightings include marble rays and sea turtles.


Located at the northeastern end of Pamalican, facing Concepcion Island, the Windmill is rich with coral in pristine condition. Fish are plentiful, too. A resident stingray, about three metres (10ft) in length, is often spotted in this area.

casita 40

Only about 500 metres (1,667ft) from shore opposite Casita 40, this site is blessed with hard and soft corals, a great many colourful tropical fish and the occasional pelagic.

south point

This beautiful reef, located towards the southern tip of the island, is ideal for all levels. As you descend there are large coral formations surrounded by colourful fish and vibrant anenomies with their playful clown fish. From here a steep slope leads to a drop-off although you do not need to go deep to appreciate its beauty.

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