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“Often ranked among the world’s best tropical hideaways, Amanpulo has to be seen to be believed.”

“…when the plane lands I heave a sigh of relief and gasp at the same time. Belinda Carlyle was right: heaven is a place on earth.”

“Now, let me wipe away my ears of joy before I describe this beach. The softest white sand known to mankind, constantly encroached upon by the most serene, azure-blue waters that lap onto the island.”

“Looking out as the sun rises over the waters, shards of colour and light awaken us from our somnambular state of bliss.”

Lifestyle, Hong Kong
on Amanpulo, January 2014

“There’s little reason to leave the comforts of Amanpulo’s Beach Club. In addition to kicking back on a reclining chair, you can lounge on one of the open-air pavilion’s mattresses while enjoying tapas and drinks. Still, you’ll probably have a hard time resisting the opportunity to sail, windsurf, dive, snorkel or hike around this stunning property.”, USA
on Amanpulo, January 2014

“The private beach of the Amanpulo is paradise found: a gorgeous secluded island, free from commercialism and tourists. And this resort brings pampering and opulence to another level, affording honeymooners a level of luxury, and comfort in a way they’ll remember well into their married years… This is a remote beach honeymoon at the grandest level…”

Man About World, USA
on Amanpulo, November 2013

“At the famed Amanpulo Resort you can indulge in your ultimate Robinson Crusoe fantasy in high style. “

“Amanpulo is the antithesis of everything ostentatious. It eschews obvious trappings of luxury and instead, goes beyond the material. It promises and delivers what many of us busy, overstressed people want in life: simply to be left alone.”

“As we entered our casita, I immediately felt like we had just come home.”

“The staff seems to have finely calibrated the balance between being totally unobtrusive and attentive…..They cheerfully answered our questions about the resort, assisted us with genuine care and pride, but also knew when to just leave us alone. Fresh towels, cold water to quench our thirst, and a friendly smile—these simple gestures that made all the difference.”

“When I look back, what I remember most are the simplest pleasures: a swim in the crystal clear waters off the beach, a quiet golf cart drive through the woods, napping on the casita daybed, a barefoot hike around the island with my husband, and sighting my first ever sea turtle while snorkeling. A stay at Amanpulo is all it takes to funnel out the “noise” of the outside world and find those moments of true joy and sweet tranquility.”

Metro, Philippines
on Amanpulo, May 2013
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