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“The Aman Spa is located on the island’s highest vantage point and offers spectacular views across the striking turquoise Sulu Sea.”

“It’s a sublime feeling– looking out, seeing only water and even smaller, uninhabited islands while indulging in extreme personal attention.”

“…those seemingly small yet unforgettable touches that will later have you raving to your family and friends.”

Expat Living, Singapore
on Amanpulo, May 2013

“As I stepped to the ground, I was greeted by a magnificent panorama of white sand beaches, crystal clear blue waters, a blue horizon, untouched forests and mountains on the other islands all merging to create the image of a perfect tropical wonderland.”

Tropical Life, Indonesia
on Amanpulo, January - April 2013

"Amanpulo as close to a castaway experience as you can get"

Men's Folio, Singapore
on Amanpulo, February 2013

“its new Spa and Residential Villas have made this extraordinary island even more special.”

“I suspect that having a 5km long private island all to yourself, with just 40 casitas, is the definition of the idyllic small resort”

Gallivanter's Guide, UK
on Amanpulo, January 2013

“When Hollywood royalty and other global celebrities feel the need to step away from the dizzying lights, the uncontrollable buzz, and the omnipresent paparazzi of their dazzling lifestyles, they like to escape to a place where life is simple and slow-moving……………where they can be totally, completely themselves—unencumbered, unhurried, and soaking in bliss.”

asiaTraveler, Philippines
on Amanpulo, November 2012

"Amanpulo's new spa is an invitation for invigoration."

Lifestyle Asia Magazine, Philippines
on Amanpulo, June 2012

"Amanpulo's new spa is an invitation for invigoration."

Lifestyle, Philippines
on Amanpulo, May 2012


“Staying at Amanpulo, you can live like the owner of the island.”

Vlife/Stay in Luxury, China
on Amanpulo, May 2012

"菲律宾AMANPULO SPA,私享隐世之趣。"
“Amanpulo Spa, let your worries melt away in perfect seclusion.”

“Treat yourself to a customized massage treatment in keeping with the natural paradise setting at the Amanulo Spa in the Philippines.”

Her Magazine, China
on Amanpulo, Spring 2012
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