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"And then, suddenly, it appeared - an emerald island surrounded by a ring of pure white nestled in what appeared to be the purest turquoise waters. Pamalican Island, completely devout to Amanpulo, seemed to be encapsulated within an aquatic halo that was illuminated within the great blue ocean. I was so mesmerized by the sight that I didn't even notice the plane had landed (sideways!) on the tiny island runway.”

“As the powder-white silky sand trickled through my toes, and I looked out into the horizon where a seemingly endless stretch of blue sky meets the purest crystalline waters, I knew immediately that this was indeed the most beautiful beach in the world.”

“It was paradise."

Travel, Philippines
on Amanpulo, Spring 2012

“Amanpulo, Palawan in the south of the Philippines, feels like paradise.”

M Magazine, Abu Dhabi
on Amanpulo, February 2012

“If you’re the sort of person who loves going off the beaten track, you’ll love Amanpulo, a private island resort with an Aman spa… When you get home, you have the bragging rights to say you discovered a hidden gem.”

Cosmopolitan, Singapore
on Amanpulo, January 2012

“The indomitable classic, Amanpulo, remains one of the very best beach resorts anywhere; a whole island to yourself.”

Gallivanter's Guide, UK
on Amanpulo, January 2012

“We were admiring other island paradises on the way, but with Pamalican’s transparent turquoise water and luminous white shores, it’s as if Aman Resorts paid Mother Nature off as part of the package.”

South China Morning Post, Hong Kong
on Amanpulo, January 2012
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