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“When I arrived at Amanpuri I once again I was overwhelmed by the delicately elegant Thai architecture and the colourful traditional costumes of the staff who greeted me.

“This was my third visit to the resort and I was delighted to be recognized and made me feel like an old friend.”

“The careful blend of traditional Thai architecture and contemporary style seemed to absorb itself into me, producing a sense of relaxing calm. “

“Amanpuri should top a list of choices for the next holiday!”

Tropical Life, Indonesia
on Amanpuri, May - August 2014

“Amanpuri is literally a place of peace. Surrounded by the turquoise vistas of the Andaman Sea, the property offers stunning views from each of its exclusive pavilions and villas that are scattered throughout a spacious coconut plantation.”

“The Pilates studio is located at The Gym, a sanctuary for physical and mental wellbeing, not to mention the spectacular panorama of the surrounding tropical waters.”

“As expected, Amanpuri’s wellness retreat will leave your mind and body perfectly renewed, rejuvenated, and refreshed.”

Tatler Traveller, Indonesia
on Amanpuri, December 2013

“Its classic roof architecture perfectly illustrates the embodiment of the Thai culture, while the sparse existence of walls and doors result in a breezy open-concept space that fortifies the tranquil atmosphere.”

“...the property leads down to a private beach facing the sparkling turquoise Andaman Sea.”

“Designed with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, the first level of the duplex gym has spectacular views of the Andaman Sea”

“A very soothing treatment, its movements were so subtle and so calming that it had me dozing off almost immediately. An hour later, I wake up feeling peaceful; my body relaxed to the bone and my mind completely clear.”

“ I left the resort feeling not only rejuvenated and refreshed, but more informed and attentive of my bodily requirements. It was a wellness retreat experience that not only succeeded in pampering my mind, body and spirit, but also sought to enrich and educate me. So much so I was all fired up to work on a healthier lifestyle upon returning home.”

Oasis Magazine, Singapore
on Amanpuri, 4th Quarter 2013

“The nearly 3,800-square-foot glass-walled gym was built at the highest point of the property with spectacular sightlines of the Andaman Sea and white-sand beaches of Bangtago Bay.”, USA
on Amanpuri, November 2013

"Amanpuri provides a serene antidote to rejuvenate and cleanse your mind, body and soul."

"Deriving its name from the Sanskirt word for “Place of Peace”, its magnificent landscape and quaint milieu with the sun and sea provides the ultimate haven of Zen"

"We arrived at our spectacular pavilion with a great view of the Andaman Sea and it is the picture-perfect definition of paradise on earth"

Affluent, Singapore
on Amanpuri, October - November 2013
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