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“Amanpuri, the Holy land far from the maddening crowd, looks like a bright new moon.”

L'Officiel, China
on Amanpuri, May 2012

“And you thought your local Equinox was nice: Andaman Sea views from this glass-walled, rare-wooded, 3,800-square-foot gym will make you salivate as you sweat. Hit the machines or pump up with a custom Pilates program.”, USA
on Amanpuri, May 2012

“With the throngs of tourists today, its hard to imagine that Phuket was ever remote. Which is why it’s all the more impressive that the superluxe Amanpuri, originally opened in 1987 and arguably one of the most splurge-worthy properties in town, continues to define luxury in Southeast Asia.”, USA
on Amanpuri, May 2012

“The constituent parts at Amanpuri are phenomenal and at times, breath-taking.”

“No matter how full the hotel is, you often find yourself operating in your own romantic bubble, unobserved and uninterrupted and service is at the heart of everything Amanpuri does.”

SassyHK, Hong Kong
on Amanpuri, May 2012

“…We made our way back to the villa to find our swimming pool alight with candles nestled in elaborate displays of floating lotus flowers. The walkways glowed with tea lights and a Thai banquet was awaiting us at the al fresco dining table, overlooking the fireworks and with lanterns illuminating the night sky further down the coast. I felt like I was gate crashing a millionaire’s wedding dinner, but no, it was all for us!”

The Arbiturian, UK
on Amanpuri, March 2012

“We loved the way that the resort reflected the local spirit and culture so stylishly – like it was part of the landscape. We were also blown away by the impeccable, pre-emptive service, which the Aman group are so well known for.”, UK
on Amanpuri, February 2012

“Great service is when you get something you want, when you want it, and for me there’s nowhere better for that than the Amanpuri in Phuket, Thailand.”

“After the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, the island of Phuket has my favorite hotel in the world – the Amanpuri. It’s absolutely exquisite. They’ve created the ultimate in discreet luxury, marrying the local exoticism with minimalism while avoiding all the ridiculous pomp and ceremony you find in similar resorts around the world. It’s very Zen and calming: you feel at one with nature because it has luxury huts rather than a single grandiose building.”

Daily Telegraph, UK
on Amanpuri, February 2012
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